Orphaned Kitten Walked Up to Woman and Curled Up in Her Hands Begging for Love, Now Almost a Year Later...


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A tiny 3-week old kitten was meowing alone in a park. When a young woman found her, she walked up to her and curled up in her hands, begging for love.

Meet Pamela the kitty.

Courtesy: Valeria Gyaurova

Almost a year ago, Valeria Gyaurova was walking in a park when she heard cries of a kitten. She looked around and spotted something moving in the grass.

"I found her alone meowing hidden in the grass. I think she was searching for her mother. She was so sad," Valeria told Love Meow.

As soon as Valeria approached the kitten and reached out to her, the tiny furball waddled her way to her human friend and curled up in her hands, purring up a storm.

"I hugged her and she started playing with my hair."

Courtesy: Valeria Gyaurova

Valeria waited for three hours, hoping the mother cat would return, but she never did. Later she learned from a lady that the kitten might have lost her mother, and she had no family.

"I couldn't leave the little kitty," Valeria told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Valeria Gyaurova

The tiny orphan clung to her rescuer while she was on her way to her new home. She was so happy to have someone by her side again that she couldn't stop cuddling.

The need for motherly love was so strong that little Pamela couldn't stand being alone for a second.

Courtesy: Valeria Gyaurova

"It was very hard in the beginning because she didn't want to eat or sleep," Valeria told Love Meow.

That's when her older cat Dida came to offer a helping paw. She took the little kitten under her wing and became her new mom.

Courtesy: Valeria Gyaurova

"Pamela meowed to Dida, and Dida started meowing too. She began to act like her mother, and it made me so happy."

The sweet little gal was surrounded by love and she began to thrive.

Courtesy: Valeria Gyaurova

On the day Valeria found her kitten and held her in her hands, she purred the loudest purrs.

"Now her favorite place to sleep and purr is here," Valeria told Love Meow.

Courtesy: Valeria Gyaurova

11 months after she was rescued, the little tabby girl has grown into a gorgeous lady cat.

She's happy and loved!

Courtesy: Valeria Gyaurova

Little Pamela and her surrogate mom, Dida.

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