Stray Kitten Meowing Nonstop in Backyard Scampers Her Way into a Person's Heart


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A tiny stray kitten came out from under a spruce tree and scampered her way into a person's heart.

Meet Frances the cat!

Courtesy: Mallory O'Donnell

Around 6:30PM one night, Mallory O'Donnell heard loud meowing coming from the direction of their back yard. This tiny creature was lying near the base of the weeping Norway spruce. She kept crying for quite some time.

"She was only a few weeks old when I found her... I'm not sure if she was abandoned there or wandered from somewhere but no one in the neighborhood claimed her," O'Donnell told Love Meow.

"I figured I had better take care of her."

She walked up to her human friend, meowing nonstop in their back yard.

Courtesy: Mallory O'Donnell

The kitten grabbed onto the Mallory's leg, meowing up a storm. They thought she must be very hungry.

Courtesy: Mallory O'Donnell

As soon as they gave her food, she scarfed it down so fast that she almost tipped over the bowl.

Courtesy: Mallory O'Donnell

Hungry little kitten.

After filling up her tummy, they knew someone had to take her home. So they did.

They brought her inside, cleaned off all the dirt on her coat. Frances settled into her human's lap, purring away.

Courtesy: Mallory O'Donnell

She's full of quirks!

Frances discovered the laundry and all the soft things so she made it her nest.

Courtesy: Mallory O'Donnell

Frances helping her human unpack.

"She's a charmer! Most fun I've had in years."

Courtesy: Mallory O'Donnell

"She has been very sweet. I suspect she is a secret snugglebunny! She even lets me smooch her."

Courtesy: Mallory O'Donnell

Sometimes cats choose us in a way we never expected.

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