Man Saves Orphaned Kitten from Backyard and Raises Her into Snuggle Bug, Now a Year Later


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A tiny kitten meowed her way into a man's heart. He took her in and raised her as his own.

Meet Baby the kitty.


A young man heard a kitten's cry from his backyard. A tiny fur baby was left behind. She was just a couple days old.

"Found this little one in my back yard in a hole under the fence. She was the runt and the mom abandoned her after moving the litter," the young man wrote via imgur.

He tore up the rock wall to save the kitten. "She didn't open her eyes for 10 days. I woke up/came home every 2.5 hrs to bottle feed and warm her bed."


On day 11, her eyes opened and she saw for the first time!


Right after she opened her eyes, she began to explore around the house.

She was tiny but so adventurous.

Sun bathing. The wee kitty was the size of a sock.


She has grown very attached to her human who raised her since she was a baby.


She loves to cuddle up to him on his shoulder for naps.


Whenever he sits down, the kitten hops on his lap and conks out.


"She always pays special attention to me when I get back from a work trip."


"She ended up being a very pretty and very loving cat. I never wanted a pet but I'm glad I have her," he said.


The tiny orphaned kitten found in the backyard has grown into a snuggle bug. There's nothing she likes more than cuddling with her human dad.


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