Man Rescues Stray Cat Mama and Her Newborn Kittens

Man Rescues Stray Cat Mama and Her Newborn Kittens


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It was the day after Christmas when Jimmy and his family heard cat cries coming from their backyard in Melbourne, Australia.

Jimmy went to investigate and found a tortie cat giving birth in the bushes. He knew right away that he had to help.


He brought out a large box covered with blankets to help transfer the kitties. When he saw the babies, he realized how tiny they were, and they were all covered in dirt.

Jimmy went back to the bushes several times to make sure he got all the babies and no one was left behind. Then he moved them all into their home. When Jimmy petted the mama cat, she meowed softly as if she knew that they were in good hands.

"We're super excited to welcome them into our family," Jimmy said. "Everything will be all right. We'll take care of you, little ones!"


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They named the mama Mocha and her babies are all doing very well living inside their new home.

Day two! Mocha and her babies!


All the kitties have found good homes!

Mama Mocha never left.

"Mocha is part of our family now," Jimmy told Love Meow.

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