14 Year Old Brother and Sister Cats Leave Shelter for a Home Together!


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Two 14 year old cats were left behind and couldn't find a home. They were overlooked at the shelter because of their age. "No one wanted them because they are older, but I think they are pretty cool," said their new human via reddit.


They were brought to a no-kill shelter where they were there for about one and a half years till they met their human. "…I saw them and instantly fell in love with them.... [The shelter] didn't want to charge me for them because they are older and wanted to get them into a home."

"They are brother and sister. These guys have been amazingly chill. They sit back and sleep while I do work and they play around with each other. Best cats I have ever met.

Despite their age, they are energetic and still kittens at heart.

This is her own toy box.


He has taken over his human's bed


They are inseparable!


Happy to be together at their forever home


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