25 Year Old Cat Turned Up in Shelter, a Young Woman Knows She Has to Save Her!


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A 25 year old cat showed up in a shelter with her 18 year old sister. When a young lady learned about this amazing old girl, who was still kicking and purring, she knew she had to save her.

Now this 25-year-old tabby has a permanent home to live out her best life!

Photo: Karyn Poplin at Kitty Adventure Rescue League

"She is the oldest we have taken into our cat sanctuary. She happens to be totally blind as well. We also rescued her 18 year old sister!" Karyn Poplin of Kitty Adventure Rescue League told Love Meow.

"They were owner surrenders - surrendered with requests to be euthanized due to age. No info was available about the owners, so we're unsure about the circumstances. Both are in great health for their age."

With all the information they obtained from the shelter, the vets confirmed their age to be 25 and 18 according to Poplin.

"They are doing great! The elder sister is making fast friends it seems like. She's pretty content with a warm bed and a full bowl. The younger one is adapting very well and she's very friendly. Already claimed a bed as her own."

More info on Kitty Adventure Rescue League, a cat sanctuary located in Fort Worth, Texas.

18 year old sister was also rescued!

Photo: Karyn Poplin at Kitty Adventure Rescue League

The two kitties have adapted very well in their new home and have made friends with other senior feline residents at the cat sanctuary.

Photo: Karyn Poplin at Kitty Adventure Rescue League

The elder sister is the oldest cat they have taken into their rescue. "She was our gift from Santa," Poplin said.

Photo: Karyn Poplin at Kitty Adventure Rescue League

Share this story and help an older cat in your local shelter find a home for the holidays! They haven't got a name yet. Any suggestions?

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