3 Day Old Orphan Kitten Gets A Brand New Life

3 Day Old Orphan Kitten Gets A Brand New Life


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A tiny kitten whose eyes weren't even opened was saved by a kind person who saw something moving in a bag and found the little guy abandoned inside.

"At 3 days old he was placed in a bag and tossed from a window at a stop sign. The person behind the evil doer saw the bag move and got out to investigate and found our sweet guy. He was immediately rushed to the vet , who called me because I specialize in rescuing orphans. He still had his little umbilical stump. Since he was found by The way side and given a brand new lavish life I decided Moses was a fitting name." - says Tammy (Moses’s foster Mommy).

Photos by Tammy Barnes Howell. Also seen on Cats, Beavers and Ducks.

Meet little Moses who was found in a bag when he was just 3 days old.

He was rushed to the vet and the little sweet guy was given a brand new life.

Moses came to his foster home and was welcomed by the resident cat.

Bigger and more adventurous.

They gave him a stuffed toy to cuddle with and warm blankets.

Moses is happy to have people who love him.

Doing a little prayer before nap time.

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