6 of My Favorite Cat Videos


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Scottish Fold

Here are a selective few of my favorite cat videos. I have owned 3 cats in my life. As you can see that right now I am living with Flip, my mixed brownish black cat (possibly a maine coon?).

If you have any funny videos that you can recommend to me, please send me a link on the comment area. I am going to check on Harmony, the cat I adopted, but unfortunately had to return due to her health concerns. I hope the vet has had the test result out for her. If her sneezing isn't contageous to other cats, i would like to bring her back. Enjoy the videos. (P.S. I only picked 6, but there are alot more cat videos you can find at YouTube.com)

Image: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:P1050446e.jpg

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