6 Year Old Girl Saves Stray Kitten By Meowing To Her

6 Year Old Girl Saves Stray Kitten By Meowing To Her


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A 6 year old girl saved a 6 week old stray kitten by meowing to her until the kitty trusted her.

The father wrote: "The kitten was hiding in our neighbor's bushes but would run anytime a human came near. She spent a week coming outside and meowing to her. The cat would always meow back. Slowly she was able to get the cat comfortable enough that she would come out and sit next to her but not let her touch her. Eventually, we trapped the kitten for her safety. My daughter was still the first one she let touch her. If my daughter gets down on the floor, she will come right to her and nuzzle against her now."

A 6 year old girl saved a stray kitten by meowing to her until she gained the kitty's trust. Here she is saying "Thank you."

Since they brought the cat into their home, the kitty has started to adapt to living with a family. Their daughter is still the one that she responds to.

"After a few days being with us, the kitten escaped into our large and fairly cluttered basement. My wife and I searched for quite awhile without luck. Finally, we brought our daughter down and she meowed for a minute or two before the kitten answered and we found her."

"I choose you to be my forever human."

"It was such a great week watching her go out to meow back and forth with the kitten. She could even meow from our window and get a response from the neighbor's bushes. For a 6 year old she was pretty dedicated. Now, she can't get on the floor or face level with the cat without her coming to nuzzle or rub noses with her. She makes us very proud."

There is no one in the world that the kitty trusts more than her 6 year old human friend. This beautiful bond they share will last a life time.

Story and photo courtesy of a very proud dad.

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