Abandoned Kittens Rescued and Adopted by Once Homeless Dog


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A litter of kittens were rescued by a once homeless dog who found them inside a box atop a trash heap, in a neighborhood near São Paulo, Brazil's Jardim Aeroporto. "He gently tore the box apart, and then carried the kittens—one by one—back to his human’s home," reported Pawnation.

The dog named Banzé (or “Scamp”) is also a rescue from the streets. "So when he heard the plaintive mews of an abandoned litter of kittens, he didn't hesitate to save them, as he had once been saved." (Pawnation)

Little abandoned kittens rescued by a once homeless dog, Banzé.

He brought them home one by one from the trash heap and started caring for them.

"You need a bath!"

The kittens settled right in to their new home

Where is food?

Snuggly time!

Photos by Ilse Simone Petersen Gotzo via Pawnation.

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