Abyssinian Cats Full of Energy

Abyssinian Cats Full of Energy


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Abyssinian cats are extremely active, playful, extroverted, and intelligent. In photography, I personally believe they'd be excellent feline sports models because of their slender shape and muscular body.

They love to explore and play more than many other cats, so they are not usually lap cats. Photographer Peter Hasselbom from Gothenburg, Sweden has many Abyssinian babies that he loves dearly. Those frisky, feisty little furry buddies never get tired of jumping and playing around in front of the camera. He has taken so many beautiful pictures of these little guys in action.

Just in case you are wondering why one of the kittens is wearing a neck band in the photos. She has a wound on her neck, the neck band is to protect it from being scratched.

Check out the photos below to meet some of Peter's feline buddies. You can visit his flickr site to see more pictures.


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