And They Were Worried They Wouldn't Get Along...

And They Were Worried They Wouldn't Get Along...


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The big kitty is very loved by his family, but he isn't a fan of humans that he doesn't know. Meanwhile, they just brought home a small black kitten who is super friendly and playful and loves everyone and everything. They were worried that the big kitty wouldn't like her....

The human wrote via reddit: "Well, we started by just letting them loose together. She would explore the house, while he was interested in whatever she was doing. Whenever he got too close she'd let out a sort of nonchalant hiss at him. At night, we'd put her in the bathroom by herself with her necessities and he'd sleep at the door outside the bathroom all night. This gave them a break each night. After a few days the hissing stopped, and they started playing. This was actually when I took the picture. They were gently playing, and I got their attention for a quick second with my iPhone out."

Their friendship went from hissing to now, they are virtually inseparable friends. The big kitty may not still be a big fan of humans that he isn't familiar with, but he is now a big fan of his new kitty friend.

In just a few days, these two kitties of different mothers, became inseparable friends

Photos via reddit.

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