Aniki the Lovely and Silly Kitty

Aniki the Lovely and Silly Kitty


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Aniki the kitty just turned two this April. He and his brother Melon live in a household with another cat named Sushi. They love each other and they fight. It's one dynamic family :).

Aniki is not picky about food and never over eats unlike his brother Melon who makes sure that every body's dishes are licked clean.

Aniki means "elder brother" in Japanese and is a quite masculine name. However, Aniki the kitty is nothing as tough as the name sounds. He is affectionate, loving and often begs for attention. He loves to snuggle with Sushi or Melon when he sleeps for that extra comfort and TLC.

Aniki has an obsession for bags. He will search for them in every corner of the house. Even though his hoomans try to put them away, he still manages to find them. When he gets busted for stealing a plastic bag, he will run off the scene with the bag held tight in his mouth.

Aniki is a very vocal kitty and expressive. He always responds to his hoomans when they talk to him.

"Having these wonderful kitties is quite therapeutic. Watching them play and make antics helps me forget about the stress from work and frustration of any kind. To me they are not pets, they are members of the family," said Wei.

Photos courtesy of ©Wei Wang.

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