'My Cats Are My Family'

'My Cats Are My Family'


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"My cats are my family. They make our home so enjoyable that no words can describe how much they mean to all of us," said Wei Wang from Taiwan.

Melon, one of Wei's cats, has a huge appetite. Unlike other cats in the house, he cleans everybody's dishes and makes sure that there is no leftover on the plates. Melon is therefore bigger than Aniki who is at the same age as him.

Melon loves snacks and can go crazy for them. "No matter what he is doing at the time, as soon as he hears the snack bottle, he will run over and try to grab the treat off my fingers with all he's got."

No matter how you cuddle or hold him, Melon never gets annoyed. He likes to be petted and given a lot of attention to. He is always sweet and never throws a fist at people.

Melon likes to wrestle with Aniki, but they always end up snuggling together in a nap. "It gives all of us a fuzzy feeling inside every time."

"I watch them grow and take care of them along the way. The experience has been extremely precious. We have built a strong bond with each other. They are more than just pets, they are my children."

Photos courtesy of ©Wei Wang. (See Wei Wang's other cats: Sushi & Aniki)

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