Animal Rescue Volunteers

Animal Rescue Volunteers


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I have so much respect for all the animal rescue volunteers who spend their personal time, sometimes even provide financial support out of their own pocket for the lives of so many stray and feral feline creatures. There are so many volunteers out there working every step of the way, helping homeless and sick animals, trying to bring them a better place to live.

Most of the volunteers that have done great things do not think that they deserve some sort of accolade. They think that's what they ought to do. It is their mission and they are passionate about it. They always go unnoticed for the generosity and selfless quality they present in their work for rescuing animals.

I came across this inspirational story written by an animal lover, who recounted her story with Kathy Powers, a volunteer with the Feral Cat Coalition in San Diego, CA. It was a long story, but I just could  not keep my eyes off it. What Kathy is doing really humbles me and makes me feel so thankful and relieved that there are people out there like her.

When she came back to check on him (Mr. Brown, the cat), she noticed another cat was ill and she brought her medications. She didn’t mention money; at first I assumed the vets were doing the work and letting her have meds free or low-cost. Little by little, by things she would let slip, I figured out that she often paid for surgeries, medications, tests, and vaccinations out of her own pocket. I called her when one of my grandmother’s ferals left a baby kitten on the porch; she came and picked it up, took it to a mother cat who raised it until it was big enough to adopt out. She told me to call her when I found kittens and she would pick it up; kittens were easy to adopt out. Whenever I found a sick cat, or abandoned kitten, I would call her and she would come out to get it. Eventually it was understood between us that whenever I had a problem with any cats, mine or someone else’s, I should call her and she would try to help. - Saving All The Mr. Browns

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