Basement Cat Jumps into Person's Arms as She's Ready to Start New Life She Wanted

Basement Cat Jumps into Person's Arms as She's Ready to Start New Life She Wanted


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A basement cat jumped into a person's arms as she was ready to start a new life she'd always wanted.

cute kitten lap catChickpeaMeagan

Meagan of Puppy Kitty NY City was in her office when she was contacted about a young cat living in a basement, needing rescue.

From a video she received, she noticed the poor living conditions and that the kitten had a wobbly gait. The little one had lived in the basement of an apartment building for a while as an unwanted cat.

She rushed to the location immediately after work. "I wanted to get her out of there," Meagan shared.

wobbly kitten basementShe was living in a basement before rescuePuppyKitty NY City

The kitten jumped into Meagan's arms as if she was ready to be rescued. "She was filthy and smelled like dirt, but she's the most perfect baby."

When they were in the car, she curled into a ball on Meagan's lap and didn't want to go anywhere else. Meagan took her to the shelter to get her cleaned up and tested before bringing her home to foster.

kitten basement catPuppyKitty NY City

"Her name is Chickpea, and she is safe forever now."

Chickpea has cerebellar hypoplasia, also known as wobbly cat syndrome. She is fearless, curious, full of energy, and doesn't let anything stop her.

happy kitten pawChickpea nestled on her rescuer's lapMeagan

She was pleased with her new clean space, exploring around and inspecting everything she came across. When she got her first toy from Meagan, she was over the moon, rubbing her face all over it and purring up a storm.

"She is such a sweet and happy kitten. It was amazing to experience her first bath and first toy."

playful kitten toyChickpea loved her first toy, rubbing her face all over itMeagan

Chickpea's purr engine didn't seem to ever stop rumbling. The next day, she crawled onto Meagan's lap, rolling around happily and playing with her tail, all the while filling the room with her loud purrs.

"She is eating well, and she is a purr monster. She's getting used to her new environment."

sweet kitten lap catShe was an instant cuddle bugMeagan

Chickpea prances around with her front legs while her back legs try to catch up. If she takes a tumble, she bounces back on her paws and continues to stride ahead.

"(To accommodate Chickpea), I suggest heavy low bowls, a low litter box, and more carpeted areas. She can live a long, healthy, and happy life."

sweet wobbly kittenChickpea is wobbly, but she can run around and play in her adorable waysMeagan

When Meagan's resident cat, Figgy, met the little bundle of energy, he greeted her with warm welcomes and nose sniffs. In no time, the two started playing, chasing after a feather wand toy, zooming around like old pals.

Despite being wobbly, Chickpea is always busy and moves surprisingly fast.

kitten cat friendsChickpea and FiggyMeagan

She can play, pounce, and wrestle just like any other kitten. Her wobbly run is endearing to watch, adding to her big personality. When she spots a moving toy, she darts over within seconds to catch it.

With the help of Figgy, Chickpea is learning about feline etiquette, such as how to play nicely with other cats.

playful wobbly kittenShe is always on the go, full of energyMeagan

"Figgy and Chickpea are having a blast. She can eat, play, run, and use the litter box. She is super happy and purrs away the second you touch her."

When Chickpea discovered her favorite food, she devoured it with gusto while making the cutest growly and happy noises.

happy playful kitten toyMeagan

The basement cat has blossomed into a boisterous little tornado, whirling around the house as if she owned it.

She may be a bit unsteady on her feet, but she doesn't think she's any different, taking everything in stride and living each day to the fullest.

playful kitten wrestlingMeagan

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