Begging Cats


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cute kitten begging for food pwease can i haz one funny lolcat pic

Cats know where our soft spot is. When they want food, they go right to pulling our heart strings, melting our hearts into a sugary puddle. They know there is no way we can resist their cuteness and subsequently offer them treats. You may think their owners train them to do tricks, but the truth is that they work their owners into providing things they are interested in. Very smart kitties!

How does your kitty beg for food?

Alleycat is begging for tuna juice!

Cute little Oscar is begging his mommy for some noms:

This is not really about food, but it is still very cute. Snickers is begging his mom to pet him:

This kitty has a bowl of food already, but he is begging for more food? or maybe water?

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