Bipawd Kitten Spent His First 9 Weeks Living in Forest, Never Gave Up!

Bipawd Kitten Spent His First 9 Weeks Living in Forest, Never Gave Up!


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This brave little kitty lost his back feet shortly after birth, but he never lost his remarkable will to survive. Born to a feral mom, Cassidy the kitten spent his first nine weeks fighting to survive in the forest.

from TinyKittens

The little black and white kitten was found scrambling around on his two front paws at a rural property in the Otter-Aldergrove area of Langley. His little body had just about given out from starvation and infection by the time he was rescued, but he never gave up!

Photo by Matthew Claxton/Langley Advance

Tiny Kittens shared the story on Facebook: "(The Property Owner) was alarmed to see Cassidy only had two feet! He immediately contacted me, and we spent the next two days devising various schemes to capture the pair. He put in many hours trying to catch the boys, and was finally successful yesterday evening."

from TinyKittens

To have survived without his back paws this long is a testament to what a little miracle Cassidy truly is.

"Cassidy's brother Topper is thin too, but not nearly as emaciated as Cassidy. Topper is very protective of his brother, and as the only two surviving kittens from their litter they clearly have a strong bond." (More info: Tiny Kittens)

from TinyKittens

Everyone from the shelter and the veterinary clinic is determined to do everything in their power to get him all fixed up.

"The odds have been stacked against this little fighter since day one, but he fought his way to us and we are going to make sure he gets every chance to get back on his two adorable feet," Tiny Kittens said.

Vet tech Natalie (of Mr. Magoo The Cat) finger-feeding him in this photo and he's loving it.

from TinyKittens

"He manages to get around pretty well, walking on his front feet and lifting his back end into the air." With a lot of help from the team at Mountain View Veterinary Hospital and Andrew at Handicapped Pets Canada, Cassidy now can run around in the tiniest wheelchair they have ever made.

Watch video: Cassidy's first steps in his tiny wheelchair! Totally unassisted. Just amazing!

Whatever solution is adopted, they make sure Cassidy has a good quality of life.

from TinyKittens

"With each passing day, our Cassidy is showing the world just how remarkable he is, and that even the most broken 'throwaway' feral kitten still deserves a chance to know happiness and love."

Photo by Natalie of Mr Magoo The Cat

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