Brave Cat Guards Her Home from a Black Bear

Brave Cat Guards Her Home from a Black Bear


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This incredible cat shocked her humans when she lunged at a bear in an attempt to protect her home.

Meet Nani the cat!

Darlis Elliott/YouTube

Darlis Elliott describes Nani as a bit of a "fraidy-cat", but when a black bear walked up her driveway and headed over to the door, her beloved cat Nani did the unexpected.

"She was watching him until he turned his face to the door, and that's when she pounced," Elliott told Globalnews.

They think the cat probably wouldn't have lunged if they weren't standing right behind her.

Darlis Elliott/YouTube

Watch the video here:

Nani is not the only cat that would guard their home against a giant intruder.

Here's a Himalayan kitty staring down a Mountain Lion at the window.

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