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Burmese originated from Burma (now called Myanmar) by a female Siamese hybrid that was brought to the USA in the early 1930s. It then mated with a Seal Point Siamese, resulting in offspring that were dark chocolate colored.


The name, Burmese, has the connotation of being fortunate and beautiful. There are mainly two types of Burmese: the Amerian Burmese and the British Burmese. They inherited the genetic pattern from the Siamese, but their size is stockier. Compare to their cousin Siamese, the Burmese has a rounder head and pudgier cheeks. They have large, round eyes that usually appear in yellow or gold. Their legs are in good proportion to their body with a tail that is straight, of medium length and tapers to a rounded tip. Their paws look oval and are shaped neatly. They used to be exclusively brown, but over time more variety of colors have emerged.

The Burmese is short-haired with fur that is fine and glossy. They require little grooming and maintenance on their coat to keep it in top condition.


The Burmese is an intelligent and active breed. They are sociable, adaptable and prefer being with humans in any activity. They are as vocal as their contemperary consin, the Siamese, but their voice is softer and sweeter. Their sunny nature keeps them playful throughout their entire adulthood and will need an owner who can provide sufficient attention and time for them.


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