Captain Sir Stuffington The Kitten - A Raccoon Attack Survivor


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Meet Sir Stuffington, an one eyed kitty who survived a raccoon attack and was saved along with his 2 brothers by a kind person.

"His feral litter was attacked by a raccoon, mom and one baby didn't make it," said his foster mom.

When he was turned into Multnomah County Animal Services, they discovered that he had calicivirus, a severe flea infestation, a heart murmur, a missing eye and a possible jaw fracture that has since healed. He was left with a smile resembling a pirate - a cute pirate that he is.

Sir Stuffington the kitty is a raccoon attack survivor and cute as a button.

Sir Stuffington

Sir Stuffington gives us the stink eye

Sir Stuffington


Sir Stuffington

2nd day at his foster home. He already knows who is in charge.

Sir Stuffington

Captain Sir Stuffington. Argh!

Sir Stuffington

He loves cuddling with his very protective brothers

Sir Stuffington

All grown up now! Happy and loved at his forever loving home!

Sir Stuffington

Sir Stuffington whistles when he purrs...

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