Cat Has Adored His Horse Buddy Since He was a Kitten

Cat Has Adored His Horse Buddy Since He was a Kitten


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Ever since Sappy was a kitten, he has been inseparable to a much larger friend at the barn, a horse named Dakota. The little feline admirer has grown up following his friend everywhere he goes.

Meet Sappy the cat and Dakota the horse!

Courtesy: Denice Kinney

"I got the cat as a kitten last May, his name is Sappy... My nephews named him that because he looks sad and happy, but mostly happy," Denice Kinney, their human mom, told Love Meow.

As the kitty started to grow, Kinney noticed a very special bond forming between the pair.

"He would be laying next to the horse as he grazed, if the horse laid down, he would lay on him, I even seen him crawl up his tail to get on his back!"

Courtesy: Denice Kinney

"That cat is in his stall everyday during feeding time and after feed time, I always set on that container and here they both come. If I go riding, that cat goes along like a dog would!" Kinney told Love Meow.

They knew by then Sappy had chosen Dakota to be his forever buddy.

Courtesy: Denice Kinney

Sappy and Dakota share a very special bond (video):

Dakota the horse is a 15 year quarter horse gelding.

"He is very gentle with that cat and always has been... They play all the time."

Courtesy: Denice Kinney

"A horse person can truly appreciate the gentleness of this horse, because even when he gets ahold of the nap of that cat's neck, he's very gentle," Kinney told Love Meow.

Dakota gently moves Sappy like how a mother cat would. (video)

Best of friends!

Courtesy: Denice Kinney

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