farm ginger cat rides farm animals growing up

Ginger Kitty Grew Up Riding Every Animal On His Farm


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This ginger feline has a quite an interesting upbringing. He has grown up riding on farm animals' backs at a lovely farm, Snow Ranch, in Elizabeth, Colorado.

Meet Teton and one of his many noble steeds.

farm ginger cat rides farm animals growing upCourtesy: Joanna Shaw

Teton was three months old when his humans, Joanna and Scott Shaw, brought him to the farm as a mouser, but soon he became the ruler over all the furry residents at the farm.

Ever since Teton hopped on the back of a miniature horse, he has found his calling as the feline king at the farm.

Courtesy: Joanna Shaw

Teton has ridden many farm animals - horses, miniature ponies, goats and a miniature donkey. He's seen mostly on the ponies and his donkey.

Not only does the ginger cat hang out with his buddies during the day, he sleeps and snuggles with them in their stall to keep them company.

Courtesy: Joanna Shaw

Teton likes to patrol around the farm, checking all the nooks and crannies until when the snow falls, he gets on the back of one of his friends in high places so his paws can be kept dry.

What a clever kitty!

Courtesy: Joanna Shaw

Teton giving himself a bath while riding his pony.

Courtesy: Joanna Shaw

He loves riding these mini horses that are training to be therapy animals. Teton believes he's helping their training and overseeing their progress.

Courtesy: Joanna Shaw

Teton grew up riding his farm animals. He loves their company, and believes he is one of them.

Courtesy: Joanna Shaw

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