Cat Spotted High Up on a Building, Suddenly Comes Out of Her Shell When She Realizes Life is About to Change

Cat Spotted High Up on a Building, Suddenly Comes Out of Her Shell When She Realizes Life is About to Change


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A cat was spotted high up on a building. She suddenly came out of her shell when she realized life was about to change.

snuggly lap cat orangeFox the catCliff and Julius

Little Wanderers NYC, an animal rescue, received a plea for help at the beginning of the year about a cat found on the corner of a building.

The orange tabby was caught in a wheelchair forklift and injured her paws when she tried to free herself. She was so frightened that she froze in fear until rescuers rushed to save her.

"She was scared out of her mind. The good veterinary staff at Veterinary Emergency Group got right to work to help her," Little Wanderers NYC shared with Love Meow.

street cat buildingShe was found on the corner of a building with injured pawsLittleWanderersNYC

While the staff tended to her injuries and provided the medical care she needed, the rescue arranged for a foster home where the cat could heal and learn to trust.

After a long ordeal, the cat named Fox was clean and warm but withdrawn due to fear. Her foster carer sat with her and offered her food and words of encouragement.

cat rescued vetLittleWanderersNYC

As she recovered, she began to relax, knowing there was a kind human to assure her that she was safe.

Fox emerged from hiding one day and found the courage to approach her foster mom. The moment she decided to trust, she crawled onto her lap and melted into her.

sweet shy cat orangeFox started to heal and learn to trust in a foster homeLittleWanderersNYC

She discovered her purr motor and that lap snuggles were her new favorite thing.

As Fox continued to adjust to indoor life, she became more adventurous, and her playful side came out. "She had her first toy the other day and didn't know quite what to do with it but started to play with it. It was the sweetest thing."

cat snuggly lapFox came out of her shell and decided to cuddleLittleWanderersNYC

Catnip unleashed her inner mischief-maker. She began to romp around joyfully like a kitten again.

Two weeks into foster care, Fox blossomed into an affectionate cuddle bug, a stark contrast from the day they found her with her tail tucked between her legs. "It turns out she is friendly. She surprised us all, and we are so proud of her."

cuddly cat lap snugglesLittleWanderersNYC

Fox was finally ready to embark on a new journey with a lifetime of care and love.

"Just one month ago, Fox lived on the streets right underneath this skyline, struggling to survive. Today, she lives in a condominium overlooking the skyline far away from her struggling days."

cat window skylineFox has found her forever homeCliff and Julius

A loving family has adopted Fox, and there is no shortage of lap snuggles in their home.

When Cliff and Julius saw the pictures of Fox being rescued, they couldn't stop thinking about her. "From the moment we met Fox and brought her home, she has melted our hearts," Cliff shared.

orange cat sweetCliff and Julius

On her first day home, Fox found a quiet spot to watch her people going about their day. That night, she curled up beside Cliff and decided she was ready to cuddle.

Fox follows her humans around the house and hops onto their lap whenever they sit down. "Or she demands for me to come sit to cuddle. She is a kind, silly, and gentle lady."

cat snuggly happyFox snuggled up to Cliff on her first night homeCliff and Julius

She has a window perch where she can fall asleep while watching all the boats in the river, the activity in the park, and the colorful lights from the skyline.

Fox received many new toys, but she was immediately drawn to the cardboard boxes and turned them into her fort.

orange cat boxShe loves her box fortCliff and Julius

She has found her favorite blanket to snooze on when snuggling between her humans. Gone are the days of struggling on the streets, replaced by the warmth and comfort of a purr-filled home.

"We are so proud to give her not just a home but a life she deserves."

sweet sleeping orange catFox napping on her favorite blanketCliff and Julius

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