Cat Crawls into Woman's Lap and Decides to Choose Her After He's Roamed Outside for a Long Time

Cat Crawls into Woman's Lap and Decides to Choose Her After He's Roamed Outside for a Long Time


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A cat crawled into a woman's lap and decided to choose her after he'd roamed around outside for a long time.

cat with crinkled earFeta the catAshley @sprinkle.of.feta

Feta the cat with a crinkled ear had a tough time braving the outdoors. He wandered into a cat colony, scrounging for food, where he ended up with battle scratches from other cats. At three years old, he was rough around the edges.

A good Samaritan noticed the timid cat and knew he didn't belong to the barn cat life. She opted to rescue him and brought him into a local rescue to get him all fixed up.

The shy cat was ready to leave the streets behind. He was so thankful to have food in his belly, a roof over his head and a comfortable bed to nestle in.

cat crinkled ear scratched noseHe was found as a barn cat, rough around the edgesThe Black Cat Market

Feta received medical care and plenty of TLC from the rescue, and he quickly won over the hearts of the staff. He slowly came out of his shell and grew to really enjoy the company of people.

When he was ready for adoption, he was transferred to The Black Cat Market, a cat cafe in Pittsburgh, in hopes of getting him a better chance at finding a good home. Despite the tough outdoor life, Feta remained very sweet and so forgiving.

feta cat lapHe was so happy to be adoredThe Black Cat Market

When he first arrived at the cat cafe, he cuddled up to other shy kitties as if he knew just what they needed.

"This guy may look a little rough and tumble but really he's just a big sweetie. He loves to be petted and cuddled," The Black Cat Market wrote.

feta the catThe Black Cat Market

A few days later, Ashley met Feta and fell head over heels for the little guy. He looked at her with his sad doe eyes, and they instantly connected. Ashley could see the few remaining scars on his nose as he melted into her.

It was love at first sight, and Ashley put in the adoption application on the same day. She left the cat cafe but couldn't stop thinking about Feta.

happy sleeping catAshley @sprinkle.of.feta

"I went back a few days later to see him one more time in case I didn't get picked. That day I went back, he crawled out of his cat tree cubby and into my lap, and I knew he picked me," Ashley told Love Meow.

After wandering the streets for a long time, Feta moved into his forever home with Ashley, making him the 500th adoption at the cat cafe.

sweet cat homeAshley @sprinkle.of.feta

"He took his time exploring the first week or so at home, but his personality came through quickly," Ashley shared with Love Meow. "He is very food motivated and shows up at my feet any time I go into the kitchen."

Feta has turned out to be quite a chatterbox. He is a master of expressing himself in a repertoire of meows.

talkative catFeta has a lot to say especially during meal timeAshley @sprinkle.of.feta

He speaks in crackly, crunchy meows when food is involved, and gives silent or squeaky meows when he greets or chats with his people.

Feta enjoys holding paws with Ashley when he naps. He makes the tiniest biscuits (kneading) while he slow-blinks at his mom. He is not afraid of voicing his many opinions and is constantly on the lookout for snacks.

happy content smile catAshley @sprinkle.of.feta

"He's also been known to try and sneak a bite of mom's food. He loves to take naps in his big white Lovesac (I don't get to sit in it anymore. He has claimed it for himself)," Ashley added.

"Between naps and snacks he loves to look at the birds and squirrels out our big living room window. He's a very curious boy and seems to be happy as a spoiled indoor cat."

sleeping relaxed catAshley @sprinkle.of.feta

Feta has transformed from a timid outdoor kitty, rough around the edges, to an affectionate, spoiled house cat without a care in the world.

sweet cat fetaAshley @sprinkle.of.feta

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