Cat Flip Bowl

Cat Flip Bowl


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It is amazing how popular this invention has become.

Over 50,000 cat flip bowls have been sold in Europe alone.

Cat flip is a bowl attached with a lid and a pedal made to keep cat food fresh and longer-lasting.

When the pedal is pressed down, it opens up the lid, allowing the cat to gain access to the food. When the lid is closed, it keeps out the flies and traps the cat food smell in the bowl.

According to studies, cat flips are pretty easy to use for most cats. Through trial and error, cats get the hang of it fairly quickly. However, a small number of cats may never get it.

Watch the video below to see what people think about this invention after using it. If you are interested in purchasing one yourself, you can check it out here.

In the Summer, flies choose moist cat food in which to lay their eggs. The cat may return to eat contaminated food. This is harmful to cats and can cause illness. The Cat Flip denies access to flies so the food is not contaminated.

• The food is accessible to cats at all times.

• The Cat Flip reduces the smell of cat food.

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