Family Adopts Kitten and Later Discovers His Love of Snuggling Peaches


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A family adopted a kitten from a shelter and later discovered his love for a particular fruit when he started snuggling with them the following summer.

Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre

Ozzy the cat found his forever humans in 2013 when Lydia Coutré's mother and sister were volunteering at Harbor Humane Society in Michigan. "He was just a kitten when my family adopted him at a few months old," Lydia (@LydiaCoutre) told Love Meow.

They were looking for a cat when Lydia's sister walked into the shelter and saw Ozzy curled up sleeping in a cage in the lobby. She went on caring for other cats at the shelter but couldn't get her mind off the kitten.

By the end of the day, she asked if she could get him out before they left. The second she held Ozzy in her arms, the sweet kitty didn't want to let go.

Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre

Ozzy found his forever humans that day. The following summer, the family brought home fresh peaches and laid them on the table. It was the first time Ozzy had ever seen the fruit.

"He found them on the table and immediately started rubbing on them," Lydia told Love Meow.

Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre

Within a short period of time after they got the peaches, they were scattered around the table and a few of them had been knocked down on the floor. "They were not surprised because he always is curious about new things. But they were surprised to see that he kept going back," Lydia added.

Lydia's sister heard rustling in the kitchen, only to find Ozzy making himself comfortable on top of the peaches.

Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre

"We tried to keep the peaches away from Ozzy in the cat free basement, but a guest forgot and let him down there. Ozzy decided to keep the peaches company while he was down there."

The guardian of peaces!

Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre

Ozzy snuggles up to the peaches and keeps them company.

He has come across other fruits but none piqued his interest like the peaches did.

Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre

"He doesn't like other fruit that we know of," Lydia told Love Meow. "And best guess, it's a combination of the smell and feel of the peaches."

Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre

Guarding the peaches and keeping them safe.

"Ozzy is a very social, loving, playful kitty. When he is not guarding or snuggling peaches, he likes to watch squirrels, sunbathe and sleep on someone's lap."

Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre

"Ozzy is in his happy place."

Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre

"It's Ozzy's favorite season: Peach season!"

Lydia Coutré @LydiaCoutre

Follow Ozzy and his adventures on Instagram @ozzyanddarcy.

"They are mine!"

"My parents' cat inexplicably loves peaches, and it's the most delightful thing," Lydia said.

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