Cat Roams Outside Until Kind People Find Her, Just in Time for the Arrival of Her 6 Kittens

Cat Roams Outside Until Kind People Find Her, Just in Time for the Arrival of Her 6 Kittens


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A cat was roaming outside until kind people found her, just in time for the arrival of her six kittens.

cat mom kittenKittypocalypse Vancouver

A Good Samaritan spotted a stray cat wandering outside along with her feline sister, seeking food and shelter. As it turned out, they were both abandoned and pregnant.

The finder immediately reached out to Vancouver Orphan Kitten Rescue Association (VOKRA), so the cats could have a safe haven to raise their kittens.

"It's not known how long they had been left to fend for themselves. They were quite friendly with volunteers right from the start," Paul, a foster volunteer of VOKRA, shared with Love Meow.

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Paul welcomed the beautiful short-haired black cat into his home, while the feline sister went to another foster family to be looked after. The expectant mama was a bit shy upon arrival but quickly warmed up to her new space.

"She would hide when I first came into the bathroom, but would immediately purr when I gave her attention. Within a minute, she'd come out on her own and rub against me."

pregnant cat momKittypocalypse Vancouver

With a comfortable nest and all the amenities prepared for her, the cat plopped down on the floor and fully embraced her new digs. About a week later (three days after her sister), she brought six "mini-mes" into the world.

She immediately jumped into mommy duties and was quite protective of her babies for the first few days.

cat newborn kittensKittypocalypse Vancouver

"She'd hiss at me when I first entered the bathroom (after birth). But she didn't really mean it and went from a hiss to a purr in under 10 seconds."

The mini panther kitties were born in the comfort of a home instead of the outdoors. They had food and warmth and never lacked an ounce of love.

newborn black kittensKittypocalypse Vancouver

The cat has been a doting and diligent mother, ensuring that all six are well-fed and kept immaculately clean. She is constantly by their side, keeping them company and catering to their every whim.

Whenever her humans come into the room, she is happy to take a break and load up on some snuggles and me-time with them.

cat nursing kittensKittypocalypse Vancouver

"She loves attention and will roll over to have her tummy rubbed. I can also pick her up and give her a hug while she purrs away."

The kittens have reached several milestones along the way and learned to interact with people by imitating their mom.

pile of Kittypocalypse Vancouver

"They have been friendly right from the start. They all love attention and immediately greet me when I visit them."

As soon as the kittens found their feet, they started waddling and exploring around their nursery while Mama watched over them every step of the way.

kittens micro clawsKittypocalypse Vancouver

The six furballs have discovered the joy of lap time. If they spot an unoccupied set of legs, they will collectively climb onto them and fall asleep together in a purr-pile.

In a month or so, the kittens will be ready to spread their wings and fly (and look for their forever homes).

kittens lap catsKittypocalypse Vancouver

"After the kittens are adopted, the plan is to reunite Mum with her sister so they can be adopted together," Paul shared with Love Meow.

sleeping lap kittenKittypocalypse Vancouver

The sweet Mama is so content knowing she will never have to worry about food and shelter, and that her kittens will grow up surrounded by love.

sweet cat momKittypocalypse Vancouver

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