Cat Steals Food from Another Cat

Cat Steals Food from Another Cat


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This is what happens when you are only feeding one cat and leaving the other one watching.

Why do some cats steal food from another cat? It is a way to show dominance when they are hungry. In the video on the right, you can see clearly that the black and white cat stops eating and starts engaging in a staring match with the white fluffy cat. However, as you can see from her action, she gradually backs off and eventually succumbs to the white cat who is obviously more dominant. As soon as the white cat has his paw on the bowl, he is making a strong statement that the food belongs to him. Then he proceeds to pull the bowl over and starts munching away.

In a multi-cat household, this type of behavior is very common since cats that live together always try to establish their social status by ranking. The dominant cat is usually calm, confident and closest to their owners. The subservient cat is either timid or tries to intimidate the higher ranking cats or bully the lower ranking cats, but often walks away from the higher ranking cats because of lack of confidence.


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