Cat Could Barely See When Found, Makes Stunning Transformation and Shows How Beautiful He Truly is

Cat Could Barely See When Found, Makes Stunning Transformation and Shows How Beautiful He Truly is


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A cat who could barely see when he was found, has made a stunning transformation and shows how beautiful he truly is.

cat snuggling friendMystic the catAndrea @turtlecatfoster

About three months ago, Andrea Christian who fosters for St. Francis Society Animal Rescue, was contacted about a cat with mange needing help. He was covered in scabies, and his eyes were crusted shut.

"My foster home was pretty full, but I made a space for him. His feet had such thick mange that he could not walk properly. Immediately, I understood that his recovery was going to take a bit longer," Andrea shared with Love Meow.

The cat named Mystic showed interest in food and a desire for affection. He tried his best to eat but was held back due to his face being incased in the heavy mask.

cat with mangeHe was in poor shape and covered in mangeAndrea @turtlecatfoster

Andrea set him up in a comfortable room and began the long process of cleaning the mange off his skin.

As she carefully combed and cleansed his face, relieving him from the weight of the crust, Mystic could finally open his eyes and reveal the beauty behind those shutters.

cat mange healingAndrea @turtlecatfoster

"It wasn't until I was able to clean off his face some, that I noticed he had two different colored eyes (heterochromia)," Andrea told Love Meow.

Mystic turned out to be a white cat with one blue eye and the other yellow. Without discomfort on his face, he was able to devour his food and take his meds like a champ.

cat two colored eyesAndrea discovered that he had two different colored eyesAndrea @turtlecatfoster

"He was shy but loving from the first day we met. He allowed me to give him meds, comb him and bathe him."

After a week of treatment and nourishment, Mystic was much better physically but continued to retreat to his hideout until he was petted.

lap cat mystic, heterochromia catAndrea @turtlecatfoster

Around that time, Andrea was caring for another cat (Fuzzy Biscuits) with the same condition as Mystic.

"On a whim, I put the two of them together since both were healing from mange, and both were fixed and tested. It was love at first sight. He snuggled right up to Fuzzy Biscuits, and she immediately started to groom him."

cats snuggly best friendsMystic and Fuzzy Biscuits became instant best friendsAndrea @turtlecatfoster

Having a buddy that he could relate to, brought light into his life instantly. He came out of his shell and gushed over her. They nuzzled against each other, filling the room with their harmonized purrs.

Mystic has blossomed into a stunner with the happiest paws. He'll knead on any soft things and stretch his toes in the air to declare his joy.

kneady cat mystic, heterochromia catHe loves to knead on soft thingsAndrea @turtlecatfoster

He has gained confidence to go up to his people for head scritches. He feels as if all is well in the world as long as he's in a safe home with his best friend.

After weeks of treatment and TLC, Mystic and Fuzzy Biscuits have healed up beautifully. Their coats are soft and gleaming, and Mystic has turned into a complete love-bug.

sweet lap cat mysticAndrea @turtlecatfoster

"He is the very sweetest cat despite the pain of his past. He loves all of the other animals in our foster home and never once has argued with another cat," Andrea told Love Meow.

"He loves to get as close to me as he can then purr himself to sleep."

sweet white cat, different colored eyes catAndrea @turtlecatfoster

Mystic is finally ready to look for a loving home with Fuzzy Biscuits, his closest confidant, so they can continue their love story together.

"He will be shy with his new family at first, but when he learns he is truly safe and loved, he will melt into his new human."

snuggly happy catAndrea @turtlecatfoster

"He is such a special cat. I have promised him his forever family will be a human(s) that need him as much as he needs them."

cuddly cat sweet mysticAndrea @turtlecatfoster

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