Cat Found in Neighborhood One Week Before Valentine's Day, Now Looks Like a Different Cat a Year Later

Cat Found in Neighborhood One Week Before Valentine's Day, Now Looks Like a Different Cat a Year Later


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A cat was found in a neighborhood about a week before Valentine's Day. Now, she looks like a different cat a year later.

sweet cat rescuedOhanaAndreaChristian

About a week before Valentine's Day last year, Merinda, an animal rescuer, found a cat in rough shape sitting on a porch in a neighborhood.

The cat had a lame leg, was covered with scabies, and desperately needed help. Merinda brought the cat to Andrea Christian, a volunteer for St Francis Society Animal Rescue, who has extensive experience helping cats in similar conditions.

"I named the new special girl, Ohana--'Ohana means family, and family means nobody gets left behind or forgotten.'"

sweet cat snugglyAndreaChristian

Andrea noticed when Ohana walked, her whole body went in different directions. "Besides having a bad case of mange, Ohana's little body was crushed at some point in her past and has healed without proper medical care."

Despite everything Ohana had endured, she was a ray of sunshine, rumbling with purrs, and seemed grateful to have a comfy room and the company of her foster mom.

sweet cat mangeAndreaChristian

Over time, Ohana grew in strength and confidence. She came out of her room one morning and brought Andrea to her empty bowl, demanding a second breakfast.

When she wasn't hungry, she would invite Andrea to sit next to her on her lounger, ready to be pampered. "She would like for me to spend all my time combing her and petting her."

cat friendly attention seekerAndreaChristian

Ohana received arthritic treatment and supplements to help her relax, aid her mobility, and strengthen her body. "There is so much life and happiness in this broken girl."

With proper care, her skin healed, her beautiful fur started coming in, and her energy skyrocketed.

sweet cat mangeAndreaChristian

She began climbing, running, and doing all the normal cat things in the world. She leaped onto the counter, sink, and chairs, constantly looking for extra food.

Ohana stealthily sneaked freshly prepared cat food from the counter and wouldn't take no for an answer.

hungry cat counterOhana hopped on the counter, demanding foodAndreaChristian

With a much-needed dental, Ohana is now toothless, but what she lacks in ivories, she makes up for in personality.

Her cattitude came out with the improvement of her health. She got along with fosters who viewed her as the dominant cat. She wanted to be the queen of the castle, the boss of her domain.

playful happy catShe jumped on furniture and ran around with newfound energyAndreaChristian

Ohana needs a monthly treatment for her broken bones and a diet to help avoid putting extra weight on her joints.

She refused to be in a carrier when she was at the vet, so Andrea started harness training her. Ohana quickly adapted to walking in a harness with grace and confidence.

happy snuggly catAndreaChristian

"She is all love, purrs, and happiness. She deserves to be the center of a family's world. She deserves many years of pampering and safety."

The path to finding the right home for Ohana was not easy, given her quirks and needs. After months of searching and hoping, Andrea received the news she'd been waiting for.

sweet panther kitty catHer skin has healed, and her gorgeous fur has grown back inAndreaChristian

"Ohana and I had a very long talk in the car on the way to her destination. I told her that I would miss her every day of my life but that I hoped her heart would soon be so full with her new family that she would forget me in time.

"This beautiful girl stole the heart of her vet, Dr. Anna. It was destiny. I could not have asked for a more perfect home for this perfect girl."

happy cat adoptedSt Francis Society Animal Rescue

It's been one year since Ohana was rescued. She's blossomed into a gorgeous house panther with a soft, gleaming coat and a sweet, cherubic face, like the perfect Valentine.

beautiful house panther catOhana has blossomed into a gorgeous house pantherDr. Anna

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