Cat Follows a Kitty Through Pet Door into a House, So Her Kittens Won't Have to Live Outdoors

Cat Follows a Kitty Through Pet Door into a House, So Her Kittens Won't Have to Live Outdoors


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A cat followed a kitty through a pet door into a house, so her kittens wouldn't have to live outdoors.

tortie lap catKaraokeCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

A family was stunned to discover a heavily pregnant stray cat in their house. As it turned out, the cat had followed the resident kitty and snuck into their home through the doggy door.

The tortoiseshell was very friendly, rubbing against her finders the whole time. "They knew she needed help from a rescue because she was very pregnant," Mary Huckabee, Coastal Bend Cat Rescue Officer, shared with Love Meow.

The cat looked as if she was about to give birth, so the rescue immediately arranged for a foster home for the sweet tortie.

tortie cat nestCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

The cat was lovingly named Karaoke, because she was very vocal and instantly filled the room with her beautiful trills and chirps.

After exploring her new space and approving all the amenities, she settled comfortably on her foster mom's lap. She was so happy to be indoors, and her purr motor kept running nonstop.

tortie lap cat karaokeCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

"We let her live in luxury while awaiting the arrival of her babies."

On the day of her delivery, she patiently waited for her foster mom to get home. As soon as she walked in the door, Karaoke brought six healthy babies into the world, three girls and three boys.

newborn kittens sleepingCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

The kittens were named after karaoke hits: Sweet Caroline, Walking on Sunshine, Mustang Sally, Mickey, Uptown Girl, and Hey Jude.

"Karaoke is such a good mom. She dotes on her babies and loves to show them off. Her kittens get to cuddle up to the milk bar anytime, and get soothed to sleep with purring lullabies."

cat mom nursing kittensKaraoke is a wonderful cat motherCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

As soon as her foster mom comes in, Karaoke starts crooning to her with rumbling purrs and sweet chirps. "She loves to cuddle, and likes ear scritches, belly rubs, and booty pats."

The kittens are growing by leaps and bounds, hitting one milestone after another.

tortie kitten cuteCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

They are at the stage where they are venturing out of their nest to play, and are very curious about their surroundings.

Karaoke keeps a watchful eye on her littles, making sure that they stay out of trouble. If one of them cries, she comes running and starts talking and tending to them.

cat mom kittenShe cheers for her kittens in chirps and meowsCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

"They are growing into confident, playful, adorable kittens. They love to wrestle and play. When foster mom visits, they pile in her lap for snuggles," Mary told Love Meow.

"They make the cutest cuddle-puddle of perfection."

kitten pile lap snugglingCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

At almost five weeks old, the kittens' personalities are emerging. They enjoy cavorting around the room, climbing anything they can lay their paws on, and vying for their foster mom's attention.

"This family loves to sing to each other and their foster mom with purrs and meows. When it's dinner time they turn up the volume."

kitten upside downCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

"Sweet Caroline and Uptown Girl are the most adventurous. Hey Jude and Mickey are laid-back and fun-loving. Mustang Sally is a lover who always wants belly rubs, and Walking in Sunshine is a little bit of a mama's boy."

snuggly cuddle kittensCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

Karaoke will never have to worry about food or shelter. Once she's done with mommy duties, she will be spayed and enjoy being the center of attention in a loving home she's always wanted.

cat mom nursing kittensCoastal Bend Cat Rescue

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