Kitten Climbs Up His People for Taking Him in, Talks Up a Storm, and Immediately Takes to Their Cats

Kitten Climbs Up His People for Taking Him in, Talks Up a Storm, and Immediately Takes to Their Cats


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A kitten climbed up his people for taking him in, talked up a storm, and immediately took to their cats.

cuddly kitten curly earsSir Max the kittenTara @mickeythemanxkitty

Tara never expected that a trip to pick up something for her patio would wind up landing her a new addition to the family. A couple of months ago, she was out running errands when she learned about a kitten needing a home.

As an animal rescuer, Tara was compelled to see the kitten and was instantly smitten. The tabby had extra toes on each paw (as a polydactyl), and curly ears. His owner couldn't take him along as they were moving soon, and Tara couldn't stop thinking about him.

After dropping things off at home, she went back for the kitten. "It was a meant-to-be situation. I told the lady I'd take the baby," Tara shared with Love Meow.

tabby kitten sleepyTara @mickeythemanxkitty

The tabby was immediately enamored of his new mom and climbed onto her lap and up her chest. He kept his purr motor running aloud, and went on a full conversation with Tara, as if to confide in her everything about his life.

The newcomer named Sir Maximus Flip (or Max) felt right at home. He followed Tara everywhere she went, and jumped on her lap as soon as she sat down. It was clear from the get-go that this little guy was a major attention-seeker.

chatty tabby kittenTara @mickeythemanxkitty

After Max settled down in his new home, Tara introduced him to the rest of the furry rescue crew. Mickey, a special needs cat with a larger-than-life personality, took the kitten under his wing. After a few welcoming sniffs, he showed Max the ropes and encouraged him to play.

Mickey was intrigued by Max's extra digits, and Max was curious about having a bigger friend to tumble with.

cat kitten kissesMickey and Sir MaxTara @mickeythemanxkitty

In no time, the kitten was scampering around the room, lunging at Mickey with sneak attacks, and keeping him on his toes like a petulant little brother.

When Max finally managed to tire himself out, he curled up with his buddy cleaning him all over until they fell asleep together.

kitten cat friendsThey became best friendsTara @mickeythemanxkitty

Mickey became a mentor to the new kitten and taught him some feline manners and boundaries. Max slowly began to grasp the concept of personal space but often let his curiosity get the best of him.

He met Mira the tortie and Archie, another polydactyl, and got right in their faces with no fear.

cat meetingMax hanging out with Mickey and ArchieTara @mickeythemanxkitty

"He first escaped the baby gate, then the playpen. When I woke up in the middle of the night, he was on my pillow above my bed," Tara shared.

"He mastered the bed stairs, turned them into sleeping quarters, then decided he likes the duvet much better."

kitten curly ears pawsTara @mickeythemanxkitty

Despite being towered over by the resident dogs, Max thinks he is the most fierce of all and tries to wrestle with the canines and tackle their fluffy tails.

With those big feet, Max believes he can climb anything if he wills it. "When he first attempted a cat tree, he managed to push Archie off."

tabby kitten catMax and his mentor MickeyTara @mickeythemanxkitty

This ball of energy is constantly plotting his next antics. He's brought so much joy and laughter to everyone in the house, and plenty of activities to his furry gang.

tabby cat extra toesTara @mickeythemanxkitty

"Sir Max likes to follow me everywhere, and much like Mickey likes my feet. He is also a chatty little one, and can hold a full conversation," Tara added.

big paws tabby catMax is very chatty and can hold a conversationTara @mickeythemanxkitty

"I am so glad I rescued him. As crazy as he can be, he's also the biggest momma's boy just like the others, and keeps me laughing daily with his wildcat antics."

cat kitten stairsTara @mickeythemanxkitty

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