Kitten Missed Holidays with Others but Survived it all, is Finally Doing What She Wanted in Sweet Home

Kitten Missed Holidays with Others but Survived it all, is Finally Doing What She Wanted in Sweet Home


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A cute kitten missed a few holidays with other cats but survived it all. She's finally doing what she wanted in a sweet home.

tabby kitten sweetRipley the kittenAlyssa

Ripley, the kitten, and her littermates wandered into a neighbor's yard. They cried day and night, but their mom never returned for them.

A volunteer of Puppy Kitty NY City, who lives a few blocks away, learned about the displaced litter and reached out to a fellow animal rescuer, Alyssa, for help. The kittens were in terribly rough shape and desperately needed rescue.

Without hesitation, Alyssa took them in and worked through the night, feeding them and providing supportive care.

kittens yardAlyssa

Despite her valiant efforts, Ripley was the last one standing among all her siblings due to a life-threatening infection, feline panleukopenia. She was also battling ringworm, among other challenges.

"This little girl is fighting to be here, and we'll fight with her."

rescue kitten tabbyRipley is a warrior kittyAlyssa

Alyssa and her partner (Foster Dad) took turns with feeding duties to ensure that Ripley received round-the-clock care when Alyssa was away at the office. "Even though we both haven't slept much, Ripley has won both of our hearts."

For a while, it was touch and go as they tried to figure out the right food for Ripley's sensitive tummy.

kitten purrito tabbyAlyssa

Just when she started putting on weight, she had another setback. The tabby girl didn't let it stop her and bounced back with fluids and medicine. Her foster parents were there with her every step of the way.

Ripley couldn't socialize with other cats during her treatment and recovery. "It probably took a month to know she was going to be okay."

tabby kitten big earsAlyssa

Slowly but surely, Ripley stabilized and began to make steady gains. The lost fur on her face, neck, and ears started to grow back. "It's a lot of work, but it's doable. And this cutie is worth it."

Alyssa and Foster Dad showered the kitten with all the attention and love they could supply so she wouldn't feel lonely.

snuggly tabby kittenAlyssa

Each ounce gained added hope to the day when Ripley could run freely with feline friends. After many weeks of painstaking care, Ripley graduated from her recovery room and joined the rest of the house recently.

"This little girl has put us through the wringer, but we're so thankful she's here and healthy."

tabby cute kittenAlyssa

"She is finally happy to be out and making friends. She had a lot of catching up to do on how to cat with other cats."

Everything seemed new to Ripley as she tried to navigate the world around her. "At first, she growled at everyone, then her food bowl. Now, it's her toys getting the wrath."

playful cute kitten pounceAlyssa

"Ripley is a funny, curious tabby kitten who is full of energy. She likes sitting on your shoulder and watching you work and finds so much joy in chasing after her toys."

cute kitten tabbyAlyssa

"She loves being held and kissed, and is learning not to nibble fingers (something she picked up from being a solo kitten) and loves keeping you company while cooking or reading."

Ripley has transformed into a happy, playful, boisterous young cat.

tabby cute kitten ripleyShe has blossomed into a beautiful tabby catAlyssa

Her fur is soft and gleaming, and she has a purr motor that is constantly running.

"I can't believe our little bottle baby is finally ready (for adoption). She might look big in the photos, but she's still only 3 1/2 pounds."

cute tabby kitten ripleyAlyssa

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