Kitten with Beautiful Markings Found Roaming Outside, 2 Months Later, Her Wish Comes True with 3 Other Cats

Kitten with Beautiful Markings Found Roaming Outside, 2 Months Later, Her Wish Comes True with 3 Other Cats


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A kitten with beautiful markings was found wandering outside. Two months later, her wish came true with three other cats.

sweet kittens calicoCloud and PollyShelly @5_star_strays

Shelly who has been rescuing animals for over 12 years, was recently contacted about three kittens desperately needing help.

A Good Samaritan found them wandering outside with no mother in sight. After scouring the area, they spotted the cat mom, but she showed no interest in caring for her babies.

The kittens' eyes were crusted shut due to infections, and they were underweight. Shelly rushed to pick up the smallest kitten and provided critical care, and returned to tend to the other two.

stray kittens tinyThey were found wandering outside with no mother in sightShelly @5_star_strays

Despite having her hands full caring for 16 rescues at the time, she couldn't leave the kittens to fend for themselves.

"I decided to take them home. Knowing they had just turned three weeks, I thought they would soon enough be able to start weaning," Shelly shared with Love Meow.

calico kitten bottlePolly immediately took to the bottleShelly @5_star_strays

"I continued with a bottle for a few weeks more, whilst introducing mixed wet food. I named them Polly, Cloud and Destiny."

Despite Shelly's herculean efforts to save them all, the runt of the litter, Destiny, sadly lost her fight. Polly and Cloud took to the bottle straightaway, filling their bellies to the brim at each feeding.

calico kitten beautiful markingsShe turned into a shoulder cat, a stunnerShelly @5_star_strays

With improved appetites and proper treatment, Polly and Cloud started to heal. Their eyes cleared up, their bodies strengthened, and their energy levels soared.

"I think I had just got to them in time without having any lasting damage." The mother of the kittens has since been spayed along with a few other cats from the area.

calico kitten beautiful markingsShe has beautiful markings and a big personalityShelly @5_star_strays

Polly, the calico, was born with stunning markings. Her fur coat grew even more striking and gleaming as she matured.

She strutted about with her tail held high as she explored around. Her brother Cloud was at her heels, his curious gaze scanning the place. They learned to eat from a dish and figured out the art of the litter box together.

calico kitten catsCloud and Polly have grown by leaps and boundsShelly @5_star_strays

"Along the way, Polly and Cloud seemed to be progressing nicely and develop the way kittens should."

The two siblings were introduced to other fosters in the house for socialization. After sniffing the other cats and getting to know them, they erupted in joyful play, blending beautifully into the clowder.

kitten cat friendsPolly and MiloShelly @5_star_strays

Polly and Cloud made a full recovery and bloomed into boisterous young cats. They befriended many foster kitties, some of which took them under their wings.

When it was time to find them a loving home, Donna, a previous adopter, surprised Shelly when she inquired about four kittens.

calico kitten beautiful markingsShelly @5_star_strays

Donna fell head over heels for Polly and Cloud as well as two of their foster friends, and couldn't bear to separate them.

A week ago, the foursome was officially adopted and moved into their forever home.

stunning calico kitten catShelly @5_star_strays

"It's not everyday that you get someone who offers four of them a home... It's an opportunity that you just can't let go."

In less than a week, the quartet has settled wonderfully into their new home (now with six cats), scampering around the place, playing to their hearts' content.

calico kittens forever homePolly and Cloud have been adopted with two of their foster friendsShelly @5_star_strays

They absolutely adore their human mom and have hit it off with their new feline siblings.

calico kitten pollyShelly @5_star_strays

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