Kitten Spent 6 Weeks Fighting to Live, then Met a Cat Who Made Him Feel Warm and Adored this Holiday Season

Kitten Spent 6 Weeks Fighting to Live, then Met a Cat Who Made Him Feel Warm and Adored this Holiday Season


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A kitten spent the first six weeks of his life fighting to live. Then, he met a cat who made him feel warm and adored this holiday season.

kitten cuddling catMarscha and RichyInstagram/comrescuemontreal

A Good Samaritan spotted a tiny kitten with crusty eyes in a park without a mom. He was freezing and frail, desperately needing rescue.

A local veterinary clinic took him in and provided immediate care. The kitten was a sorry sight, struggling to eat. Staff reached out to their local animal rescue, Chatons Orphelins Montreal, hoping to get him into a foster home.

"We took him in and started bottle feeding him around the clock," Celine of the rescue shared.

kitten box rescueInstagram/comrescuemontreal

Just when the kitten began to put on weight, he suddenly took a turn for the worse. "In 24 hours, he stopped eating and rapidly declined. We went straight to the clinic and discovered he had panleukopenia."

Despite the grim prognosis, Celine and her team continued to fight for the kitten named Richard (or Richy). He remained in the hospital to receive round-the-clock attention and supportive care.

kitten tiny hospitalInstagram/comrescuemontreal

"We took it one day at a time. His future was uncertain as he couldn't eat on his own, but he never gave up."

Two days later, Richy was still with the veterinary staff and even started to sit up. After four days, he no longer struggled to keep food down, and his appetite slowly returned.

kitten under blanketInstagram/comrescuemontreal

"This little fighter managed to pull through at the hospital and was well enough to return to his foster home."

Richy was small for his age but a resilient force of nature. Despite the odds stacked against him, he bounced back and continued to improve at home.

kitten wrapped purritoInstagram/comrescuemontreal

"He went through many trials during the first six weeks of his life, but he was such a lively kitten that you wouldn't know what he had just experienced."

Richy had much growing and catching up to do. With his renewed interest in food, he tackled his meals several times a day and was supplemented with kitten formula.

playful kitten rollingInstagram/comrescuemontreal

After a few weeks of nourishment, Richy made a full recovery and grew an adorable rotund belly. He romped around with unbridled energy, and his personality lit up the room.

When Richy began socializing with other cats, he was instantly enamored with the oldest feline resident in the house. Marscha, a 22-year-old senior, took him under her wing and started mothering him like her own.

cat cuddles kitten sweetMarscha took Richy under her wingInstagram/comrescuemontreal

Richy melts into Marscha when she wraps him in her arms, washing his face and showering him with affection.

She joins him on the couch for naps, makes sure he is never alone, and reassures him that he's loved.

kitten belly cat couchInstagram/comrescuemontreal

There are several cats in the house, keeping Richy company. Marscha, who helped many fosters over the years, has become a source of comfort for him.

With good health and a loving environment, Richy's personality is shining through.

cat cuddles kitten couchShe adores her new foster babyInstagram/comrescuemontreal

He has blossomed into an endearing office kitty, supervising his foster mom whenever she's on her computer.

Richy watches her attentively as she types on the keyboard and often drifts off to the cadence of the keystrokes.

kitten office catRichy has become a little office supervisorInstagram/comrescuemontreal

"He continues to put on weight every day. He is affectionate, mischievous, and playful. He likes to sleep on his human, loves playing with other cats, and isn't afraid of anything."

kitten sleeping sweetHe likes to fall asleep next to his peopleInstagram/comrescuemontreal

"Richy was found outside in the cold when he was just a few weeks old."

Now, he is spending this holiday season with his loving foster family, nestled amidst the company of his feline friends.

cat hugs kitten sleepingKocco, another resident cat, and RichyInstagram/comrescuemontreal

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