Big Cheeked Cat Had to Compete with Other Animals Outside for Food, Now is the Boss of the House

Big Cheeked Cat Had to Compete with Other Animals Outside for Food, Now is the Boss of the House


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A big-cheeked cat who had to compete with other animals outside for food is now the boss of the house.

former tom catClydeSt Francis Society Animal Rescue

A big-cheeked cat had spent many years outdoors, surviving on the food left by people, but no one offered him a home. He had to compete with raccoons over meals and often went hungry for days.

Sandra saw the cat looking rougher by the day when she was pet-sitting for a family. The haggard tom cat sat in a corner while the raccoons wolfed down his food. He seemed so weary, as if he had given up.

Determined to help the cat, Sandra brought him inside, upgraded his living condition to a quiet, comfortable room, and named the deserving boy Clyde.

tom cat stray raccoonsClyde had to compete with raccoons for foodSandra

Clyde was in poor shape with a host of issues, including a deep wound on his neck and entropion, a condition in which the eyelids curl inwards, causing the lashes and fur to rub against the eyes constantly.

His room was a palace compared to the gritty streets outside. He was quiet but happy to be indoors at last.

rescued cat indoorsHe was finally safe after being outside for yearsSandra

With the support of St Francis Society Animal Rescue, his wound was cleaned and closed, and his eyelids were corrected. Clyde slept in a king-sized bed for the first time in his life, and he was on cloud nine.

"He tried the soft fluffy blanket, then my pillow, but decided the best place to be was snuggled up against me. I woke up a few times during the night, and every time, I found him comfortably curled up," Sandra shared.

big cheeked catHis fur is cleaner, brighter, and softerSandra

Clyde rested abundantly over the next two weeks, making a speedy recovery. "He's discovered scratchers and catnip, and he loves both. His fur is cleaner, brighter, and softer. He's a talker and loves to snuggle at night."

With his newfound strength and appetite, he made good gains and became increasingly intrigued by everything in the house.

cat former tom catHe's become a supervisor in the houseColleen

He is fascinated by the sink and running water. He watches his foster mom brush her teeth and feels the urge to "rescue" her from the shower. He follows her like a shadow and greets her at the door.

Being FIV+ doesn't bother him, and he enjoys inspecting every nook and cranny of the house like a true detective.

cat curious inspectorHe likes to inspect every nook and cranny even atop the fridgeColleen

He gets along with other cats but prefers being someone's one and only.

Clyde has been indoors for about nine months and has blossomed into a happy, confident boy. He's ready to seek a forever home where he can rule with cuddles and purrs.

happy sleeping catColleen

"Less than a year ago, this big-cheeked, adorable former Tom Cat would go days without eating. But now, Sweet Clyde believes he is the boss of the house," Colleen, foster volunteer of St Francis Society Animal Rescue, shared.

big cheeked catSandra

"He will supervise everything you do. If you accidentally leave groceries on the counter, Clyde has your back. He will be sure it is no longer there when you go back into the kitchen."

Aside from his mischievous streak, Clyde has a tender, loving side.

cat inspecting fridgeClyde offers his "help" in the kitchenSandra

He trails his people around the house, curls up in bed beside them at night, and showers them with purrs and snuggles in the morning.

"This handsome former Tom has traded in his big cheeks for a simpler life of lying on counters and sleeping all day."

sleeping former tom catHappy and lovedColleen

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