Kittens Left in a Box Behind a House, One Wouldn't Go Far Without the Other, Now Both Cats' Wishes Come True

Kittens Left in a Box Behind a House, One Wouldn't Go Far Without the Other, Now Both Cats' Wishes Come True


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Two kittens are so close that one wouldn't go far without the other. Two months after they were found behind a house, their wishes came true.

cute orange tabby kittenBinxBabyKitten Rescue

Binx (ginger) and Salem (flame point) had a rough beginning when they were found behind a resident's home at less than three weeks old.

The finder heard their cries and located them in a cardboard box. Surprised by their poor condition, he immediately reached out to the rescue community for help.

Upon receiving his plea, Caroline Grace of Baby Kitten Rescue offered to take them and arranged for a volunteer to cater to their needs.

sweet kittens rescueThey were found in a box behind a homeBabyKitten Rescue

The kittens were infested with fleas, malnourished, and had upper respiratory infections. Jessica, who fosters for the rescue, took them on and got right to work.

After giving the kittens a much-needed bath, she provided food and supportive care to replenish their tiny bodies and plenty of cuddles to reassure them that they were safe.

sweet flame point kittenSalemBabyKitten Rescue

Once their colds subsided, their energy levels improved. The kittens started moving around in the nest with bright eyes and squeaky meows.

"After some TLC, they began feeling much better, but I noticed Binx's back legs were sprawled out," Jessica told Love Meow.

ginger kitten legsBinx had swimmer syndromeBabyKitten Rescue

Binx was born with swimmer syndrome in which his hind legs splayed out laterally, impeding him from standing up or walking normally (he moved by crawling on his belly).

At his age, his legs could be corrected through taping and physical therapy a few times a day. "It was a learning curve at first, but we got the hang of it."

kitten learns walkBinx did exercise and stretching every day with Salem by his sideBabyKitten Rescue

During Binx's regular exercise and stretching (aimed to strengthen his legs, hips, and core), Salem became his constant companion, unwavering support, rubbing up against him amid a walking session.

Salem insisted on being close to her brother, often side by side, throughout the process.

kittens bottle best friendsThey were always togetherBabyKitten Rescue

"After a few weeks, I was able to completely correct Binx's legs. Now, he has no limitations or restrictions. He runs, jumps, climbs, chases, and plays like any other kitten."

When the two siblings were fully weaned, they continued their foster journey with another volunteer, Jayne. "These two are quite possibly the most loving, adorable, playful kittens I've ever met," Jayne told Love Meow.

kittens best friendsBabyKitten Rescue

"Their sibling bond is strong and one wouldn't go far without the other. They taught one another to climb, explore, groom, and play."

Binx was initially the more inquisitive one about his new surroundings. Salem, who never left his side, joined him on many adventures.

ginger orange kittenBabyKitten Rescue

"Eventually, Salem found her personality and became equally anxious to explore, climb, and wrestle."

The brother and sister duo was utterly inseparable. Wherever Binx went, his sister followed. "They are truly the sweetest little kittens, and having the opportunity to foster them filled our home with so much laughter and joy."

sweet kitten flame pointBabyKitten Rescue

As soon as the kittens were ready for adoption, the perfect family found their way to them.

A couple who had recently lost their beloved 20 and 23-year-old cats was ready to open their hearts and home to new feline companions. They were smitten with the two siblings, touched by their unbreakable bond, and knew they were the pair to bring home.

snuggly kittens lap catsBabyKitten Rescue

"They were so excited to refill their home with kitten love."

The best friends, now Juni and Olly, quickly settled into their new abode. They explored around the house, claiming every inch they touched.

kittens best friendsThe two best friends found their forever home togetherBabyKitten Rescue

The kittens have their forever parents wrapped around their little paws with playful antics, snuggles, and rumbling purrs.

Juni and Olly cherish each moment together. They always share one bed, nestling next to each other, no matter how many beds in the house.

sweet kittens basket buddiesNow Juni and OllyBabyKitten Rescue

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