Kitten Left Behind on a Stoop After Birth Fights Her Way Back, Now Has Cats to Dote on Her All Day

Kitten Left Behind on a Stoop After Birth Fights Her Way Back, Now Has Cats to Dote on Her All Day


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A kitten who was left behind on a stoop after birth, fought her way back. Now, she has cats to dote on her all day.

kitten snuggling catChihiro the kittenLittle Wanderers NYC

A stray cat came to a house in Queens, NY and started having kittens on the stoop. After the first two were born, it started to rain, and the cat decided to move. She took one of her babies and left the other one behind.

The finders patiently waited for the mom to return, but she never did. They contacted Little Wanderers NYC for help, and volunteers leapt into action.

"The kitten was cold and wet. She was premature in weight, development and features. We weren't sure she would make it, but she surprised us," Little Wanderers NYC shared with Love Meow.

orphan preemie kittenLittle Wanderers NYC

Ashley, a foster volunteer, took on the little neonate who weighed only 2.5 ounces (71 grams). "I had to passively warm her before I was even able to feed her," Ashley told Love Meow.

"I wasn't sure she would even make it through the night, but she did."

tiny kitten newbornLittle Wanderers NYC

Over the next few days, there was little sleep for Ashley as she kept up with hourly feeding, supportive care, doing everything within her power to save the kitten.

At one point, Ashley had to rush the kitten to the ER due to issues caused by her underdeveloped digestive tract. The palm-sized wonder bounced back through painstaking care and regained her appetite with a vengeance.

kitten feeding bottleLittle Wanderers NYC

"By the end of week one, I knew she was going to make it. I could just feel her will to live. In fact, she caught up to full term size by week two."

The kitten was lovingly named Chihiro, and she was determined to grow big and strong. She would tackle each meal with so much verve. After her belly was filled to the brim, she would conk out in the comfort of her nest and sleep soundly until the next feeding.

sleeping kitten chihiroLittle Wanderers NYC

When Chihiro opened her eyes to check out the world around her, her inquisitive side emerged. She was excited to see her foster mom with a bottle and quickly readied herself to be fed.

She started to show interest in play, and it put a big smile on her foster mom.

kitten happy curious chihiroLittle Wanderers NYC

Ashley gave Chihiro little furry toys to wrestle and nip with. She went to town playing and turned into an adorable roly-poly.

The tabby girl graduated to a spacious playpen where she could hone her walk and jump and exercise her prowess.

snuggly kitten cuteLittle Wanderers NYC

Ashley's resident cats, Laserboy and Biscuit, immediately took a liking to the youngling and offered their helping paws. Laserboy (tuxedo) would babysit her in the playpen, giving her baths and teaching her how to play.

Biscuit (tabby) who normally isn't so keen on newcomers, decided that the kitten needed him. He's been showering her with love and cuddles since.

cat hugs kittenChihiro and LaserboyLittle Wanderers NYC

Little Wanderers NYC never stopped looking for Chihiro's mom and her siblings. With lots of patience, they were able to get the whole family off the streets and into foster care.

Chihiro has grown by leaps and bounds since she was found on the stoop. She has turned into a boisterous little mischief-maker, romping around the house, creating all sorts of antics and keeping the resident cats on their toes.

kitten snuggling catChihiro and BiscuitLittle Wanderers NYC

She is brave, vivacious and fast, an unstoppable force, when she plays. Once she tires out, she will melt into her feline friends and be loved by them.

"Now that she's bigger, she plays nonstop. She loves to pounce and stalk her toys and my much bigger cats, but she is so gentle and loving," Ashley shared.

kitten paws playfulLittle Wanderers NYC

"Every day it brings me awe that this little 2.5 ounce preemie, barely the size of a toy mouse, turned into an actual cat. All those sleepless nights were worth it because they resulted in her."

cute kitten lap catLittle Wanderers NYC

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