Kitten Meows All Day After Being Found in the Road, Crew of Cats Take Him in, Making Him Feel Like He Belongs

Kitten Meows All Day After Being Found in the Road, Crew of Cats Take Him in, Making Him Feel Like He Belongs


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A kitten found in the road meowed all day until a crew of cats took him in, making him feel like he belonged.

cute kittens happyAsa

A cream kitten, found all alone in the middle of the road, was brought to Tails High, an animal rescue, for a chance at a better life. He cried nonstop until he was wrapped in a warm blanket and snuggled comfortably in his foster mom's arms.

The kitten, Slinky, was terrified of being alone after his ordeal, meowing for his human's constant attention. He had to wait two weeks in quarantine to ensure he was healthy before he could join and socialize with other kittens.

During that time, his foster mom, Asa, showered him with affection, surrounding him with the plushest blankets to make him feel safe and loved.

cute kitten cuddle blanketSlinkyAsa

Slinky had a set of pipes that were impossible to ignore. He kept squeaking and chirping relentlessly. Even when his eyelids grew heavy, he refused to sleep, determined to stay awake.

Slinky meowed at his foster mom all day as if it were his full-time job. He kept her company during work and attended all her meetings. Asa knew it wouldn't be long before he'd never have to fear being alone again.

sweet tiny kittenHe meowed at his foster mom all dayAsa

In another room of the house, five kittens, close in age to Slinky, romped around with boundless energy.

A month before Slinky arrived, Asa welcomed a stray mother cat and her five kittens into her home. Mama Bo Peep was very shy while her kittens curiously waddled around.

stray cat kittens sweetMama Bo Peep and her kittensAsa

Mr. Potato Head took his first brave steps outside the nest. Soon, the rest of the litter joined him on an adventurous excursion around the nursery.

Woody, the most outspoken of the bunch, had plenty to "say", stomping furiously as he dashed toward his foster mom.

sweet adventurous kittenMr. Potato HeadAsa

Meanwhile, his siblings, Hamm, Rex, and Mr. Potato Head, inspected every corner, perfecting their little strides.

Slowly but surely, the mother cat began to warm up to Asa. "She's still very scared and timid but is getting better every day."

kittens exploring learning walkWoody is the talker of the bunchAsa

At six weeks old, the five kittens transformed their room into a personal playground, racing around, tumbling with each other, and pouncing on toys.

Meanwhile, across the house, Slinky was crying his heart out for Asa's attention.

kittens six weeksThe crew of fiveAsa

Earlier this week, Slinky and the five finally had their first meet-and-greet. "Slinky was a bit intimidated at first having five 'older' kittens swarming him, but he adapted very quickly."

Woody, his doppelganger, tottered up to Slinky for a nose-sniffing "hello". They hit it off instantly, playing together as if Slinky had always been a part of their crew.

sweet kittens nose sniffSlinky and WoodyAsa

Slinky blended seamlessly into his new family and became a lot calmer around his foster mom. "It's funny to think he's not related to the other kittens, given how well he fits in with them and how much he looks like them."

Asa's trusty canine companion, Kona, stepped in to lend a helping paw, socializing the kittens with plenty of slobbery kisses and cozy snuggle sessions.

kittens lap snugglesAsa

She seemed to know that Slinky needed extra love and cuddled next to him for a nap.

Slinky's new brothers eagerly show him the ropes around their playpen, with Mr. Potato Head proudly demonstrating how to play like a whirling dervish of fur.

kittens dog cuteAsa

The once-lonely kitten is overjoyed to have feline friends who make him feel like he belongs, a caring canine to shower him with love, and a devoted foster mom who spoils him endlessly.

happy sleepy kitten dogAsa

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