Couple Find Lone Kitten Waiting on the Side of the Road, They Can't Leave Him Behind

Couple Find Lone Kitten Waiting on the Side of the Road, They Can't Leave Him Behind


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A couple found a lone kitten who was waiting on the side of the road for help. They couldn't leave him behind.

stray tabby kittenKissamos the kittenOlivia @kissamostherescue

Olivia and her partner were on a trip to Elafonissi, Crete, Greece when they had a special encounter near Kissamos. When they stopped by a row of olive trees, a little blob of orange caught their eye.

"My partner said, 'look, there's a little kitten.' He was so tiny, about four weeks old, sitting on the side of the road (by himself)," Olivia shared with Love Meow.

The kitten was just skin and bones and covered in fleas. He was immediately friendly and chatty with the couple and walked all over their feet. "He let me pick him up as he knew we would help him."

meowing stray kittenHe walked all over their feet and asked to be taken withOlivia @kissamostherescue

The kitten didn't have a home and was in need of medical attention. The couple couldn't bear the thought of having him fend for himself outside, so they decided to rescue him.

They named the little guy Kissamos (or Kiss) after the town he was found in. Before they knew it, the tabby boy had crept his way into their hearts.

cuddly stray tabby kittenOlivia @kissamostherescue

"We rushed him to the vet and he was so brave with everything. He was so cuddly from the beginning, always by our side, and slept on top of us."

Kiss was thrilled to be off the road and to be in the arms of his people. He was all cleaned up and his belly was finally full. The couple were able to find a local animal rescuer, Tina, who offered to foster him until they returned from the trip.

sleepy tabby kittenHe was so happy to be back with his rescuersOlivia @kissamostherescue

"When we came back to pick him up, he missed us so much that he lay on my chest purring during the whole drive back. He was afraid that we would leave him."

After a bit of exploring around his new abode, Kiss quickly settled in, as if he'd always been a part of the family. "He played, ate, and slept very well (the first night) knowing he was in his forever home."

cute tabby orange kittenOlivia @kissamostherescue

"Now, he sleeps with me every night. He purrs, makes biscuits, and gives me kisses. He's also gained a lot of weight and is getting bigger," Olivia told Love Meow.

Kiss has brought so much joy to the couple and filled their home with his endless purrs. "We felt so much love from him that we decided to adopt another cat from the rescuer in Crete."

cuddly sleeping kittenOlivia @kissamostherescue

Olivia wrote to Tina that they were interested in saving another cat from the streets of Crete. She saw a photo of Bali, a beautiful white cat, and was completely smitten.

When they learned that Bali had a sister named Ela, they knew they couldn't separate them.

cute tabby kitten sittingOlivia @kissamostherescue

"It was love at first sight. We ended up getting both of them home. We couldn't leave one behind."

The pair made their way to their loving home earlier this month. After a few days of introduction, Kiss warmed up to his new feline sisters.

adorable white kittensBali and ElaOlivia @kissamostherescue

Bali has taken a liking to the energetic tabby, and Ela is following in her footsteps.

The sisters enjoy the company of their little brother, and Kiss is over the moon to have a big family knowing he will never be alone.

kitten friendsOlivia @kissamostherescue

The couple returned home from the trip with a kitten in their arms, who went on to inspire them to adopt two more. "Kiss is such a clever, beautiful, cuddly kitten. We love him with all of our hearts."

sweet cuddly tabby kittenOlivia @kissamostherescue

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