Kitten Who Is Done with Outdoor Life, Decides to Sit on the Driveway of a Home Until She is Taken in

Kitten Who Is Done with Outdoor Life, Decides to Sit on the Driveway of a Home Until She is Taken in


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A kitten who was done with outdoor life, decided to sit on the driveway of a home until she was taken in.

kitten panther kitty, toothlessSweetie the kittenPrecious

A stray kitten was found sitting on the driveway of a home, completely exhausted, as if she had trekked a long way for help. She was just skin and bones and rough around the edges.

The kitten stayed on the driveway until the homeowners noticed her. "She was underweight and had a congested nose. One of her eyes was almost completely closed by an infection with discharge," Precious from the family shared with Love Meow.

"We decided to take her in and care for her until she got better."

She was found sitting outside on the driveway all alonePrecious

The initial plan was to nurse the kitten (named Sweetie) back to health and find her a loving home, or so they thought.

For the first couple of days, Sweetie was very frail and had no energy to eat on her own or move around. She curled up into a ball and conked out on her human's lap, catching up for lost sleep.

stray kittenSweetie was just skin and bones and had an eye infectionPrecious

"I found out that she had an upper respiratory infection. She was very cooperative with us when it came to treating her," Precious told Love Meow. "We bought her a dropper and gave her formula that way, and she really liked it."

Over the next few days, they syringe-fed the kitten and gave her the medical care she needed to thrive.

sleepy stray kittenShe curled up on her rescuer's lap and went to sleepPrecious

Sweetie stayed by her people as she continued to heal. She insisted on napping on a warm lap or being wrapped cozily in a comfortable blanket.

Her eyes and nose began to clear up, and she started to put on weight and gain strength.

kitten recoverySweetie got better and stronger each dayPrecious

"Within a few weeks she finally got better. It took her awhile to switch between kitten milk to wet and solid food," Precious added.

When Sweetie was back on her paws to play and explore, her personality quickly emerged. It was then she met the family cat, Mickey, who had been very curious about the little newcomer and even tried to peek into her pen to greet her.

sleepy kittenPrecious

"When she started interacting with Mickey, she picked up some of his habits."

The former stray has turned into a voracious eater now that she's healthy and active, and doesn't seem to know when she is full. She plays to her heart's content and creates all sorts of antics around the house with her bountiful energy and mischief.

kittens best friendsWhen she recovered, she met Mickey the resident catPrecious

"Mickey used to be the one who started the play-fights. Now she does most of the time."

Sweetie has brought immense joy to the family and crept her way into their hearts. "Whenever she finishes playing, she'll come to sleep on me and it's comforting," Precious told Love Meow.

cuddly kittenSnuggly SweetiePrecious

"Our initial plan was to keep her temporarily until she recovered, but we fell in love with her, so now she's part of the family.”

cute black cat, sweetiePrecious

The scrawny little stray has blossomed into a gorgeous panther kitty. She shares an adorable bond with her now feline brother, Mickey, aka partner in mischief.

kitten best friendsSweetie and MickeyPrecious

She ended up on the right driveway that day—not only did she go on to recover and thrive, but also she gained a family for life.

panther kitty kittenHappy and lovedPrecious

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