Kitten Who Has Been Wandering Outside, Runs Toward Woman Who Changes Her Life Completely

Kitten Who Has Been Wandering Outside, Runs Toward Woman Who Changes Her Life Completely


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A kitten who had been wandering outside, ran towards a woman who changed her life completely.

sweet kitten mustacheRue the kitten@tiny.paws.fosters

Nadija, an animal rescuer and fosterer for AnimalLuvr's Dream Rescue, was contacted about a kitten that had been hanging around a resident's home. The little stray was just skin and bones, and her face was covered in crust.

When Nadija saw the kitten's condition, she rushed to the location and hoped to get the sickly feline into an emergency vet. "When we arrived, we spotted the kitten but she wouldn't come to us at first," Nadija shared with Love Meow.

The shy stray went from one hideout to another, giving her rescuers a run for their money.

stray kitten wandering@tiny.paws.fosters

"After playing tag for a few minutes, I decided to play a video from YouTube of a mama cat meowing. Within seconds she was running towards me, meowing back and seemed happy."

Perhaps, the kitten thought her rescuer was another kitty or it was her mother calling to her. "I scooped her up and we drove to the ER. She was making biscuits (kneading) in the carrier and flopped over for snuggles."

stray kitten outside@tiny.paws.fosters

The kitten named Rue had a host of health issues including an upper respiratory infection and an eye infection. She was dehydrated and had some tummy troubles.

"She stayed at the ER overnight to receive all the care she needed. Even though she didn't feel well and was in a place with strangers, she was making biscuits the whole time."

kitten rescued kneadingRue was kneading on her blanket while she was at the vet@tiny.paws.fosters

The next morning, Rue perked up and started eating and taking her meds like a champ. She was so happy to see her friend, Nadija, who came back to bring her home to foster.

"She was snuggling and even started to play, and that's when I knew Rue would be just fine," Nadija told Love Meow.

kitten on blanketShe looked so much better after a few days of TLC@tiny.paws.fosters

Slowly but surely, Rue warmed up to the idea of sharing open spaces with people in the comfort of a loving home. The crust on her face was gone, she could breathe so much better, and her energy level soared.

Rue discovered the joy of playing with toys and grew accustomed to the luxury of indoor life. She began to worry less and relax more.

kitten kneading blanket@tiny.paws.fosters

"She originally was a very timid, shy and sensitive kitten. Any noise or fast movement would make her freeze or hide, but now, weeks later, Rue has found her confidence, and she is a completely different kitten."

Her favorite napping place is a blanket basket. She will plop down in it and go right to sleep.

sleeping kitten basket@tiny.paws.fosters

She enjoys scampering around the house, creating antics, and wreaking havoc with other foster kittens. If she spots a small toy, she doesn't hesitate to bat or tackle it with her newfound cattitude.

kitten snuggly mustache@tiny.paws.fosters

"One of her favorite things and a skill of hers is to always be able to find the sunny spot in the house to sunbathe."

Rue and Ari the tuxedo decided to hold paws while they shared the sun beams together.

kittens sunbathing@tiny.paws.fosters

Rue has blossomed into a brave, playful kitten who no longer wants to hide. She likes to zoom through the house playing with her feline friends, exploring with her tail up high.

kitten climbs cat tree@tiny.paws.fosters

"She snuggles on the couch with me and is very playful. It's so sweet to see her find her confidence, be a happy kitten without a care in the world, and just enjoy life especially after the rough start she had" Nadija shared with Love Meow.

kitten flower cute@tiny.paws.fosters

The sweet kitten is ready to find a place of her own with a forever family to snuggle with every day.

kitten with mustache@tiny.paws.fosters

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