Kitten Has 3 Paws, Doesn't Let Anything Slow Her Down, Is Determined to Win Over Everyone

Kitten Has 3 Paws, Doesn't Let Anything Slow Her Down, Is Determined to Win Over Everyone


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A kitten has three paws, doesn't let anything slow her down, and is determined to win over everyone.

tripod kitten RosemaryRosie the tripod kittenBaby Kitten Rescue

Three 5-week-old kittens were brought into a shelter, desperately needing rescue. One of them was very tiny and missing a paw.

Caroline Grace, founder of Baby Kitten Rescue, received an urgent plea from the shelter and knew she had to help. "We immediately responded to the plea and agreed to take them," Caroline told Love Meow.

"When the kittens (Rosemary, Lavender and Basil) first arrived, they were dehydrated, emaciated, covered in fleas and full of parasites."

kittens tinyRosie was rescued along with her two siblings, Lavender and BasilBaby Kitten Rescue

Caroline and her team were especially worried about Rosemary (aka Rosie), the tripod kitty, who was significantly smaller and just skin and bones.

"I could feel every single rib and every notch along Rosie's spine. At five weeks old, she weighed as much as a 2-week-old."

sweet kittenRosie was born with three pawsBaby Kitten Rescue

"We got to work providing supportive care to get her hydrated and put her on a re-feeding schedule."

Rosie was born with three full limbs and a very small arm with "an elbow and wrist joint". She is not in pain and doesn't seem to know that she's any different.

attention seeking kitten rosieShe was an instant love-bug when she arrived at the rescueBaby Kitten Rescue

"When I first picked up Rosie, I quickly realized she was so much smaller than her littermates, very lethargic and covered in fleas," Mia, Rosie's foster mom, shared with Love Meow.

"Even in her most vulnerable moment, Rosie was purring and yearning for love."

tripod kitten rosieRosie can play and run with three paws. Her favorite thing to do is cuddlingBaby Kitten Rescue

With a safe and comfortable environment, Rosie started putting on weight and gaining plenty of strength. She bounced back on her three paws, and started scampering around the place and playing to her heart's content.

"We were amazed at how well and easily Rosie adapted to her missing limb. She had no problem getting around," Caroline told Love Meow.

cute tripod kittenShe is an attention seeking kitty and doesn't let anything slow her downBaby Kitten Rescue

As a tripod, Rosie hops around like a cute bunny when she plays. She runs with unbridled energy and so much joy that knows no bounds.

Rosie craves attention from her people and has never met a stranger. She adores other cats and enjoys being in their company.

kitten siblingsLavender and RosieBaby Kitten Rescue

"Her personality first and foremost is resilient. She is so cuddly and playful. Her nub doesn't stop her at all and she loves running around my house, playing with my older cats and especially being near me," Mia added.

"Rosie is such a people-person and if she could be by me 24/7, she would."

kitten siblingsBaby Kitten Rescue

The 3-legged wonder was just pint-sized when she arrived, and has grown by leaps and bounds since. She is the happiest girl when she's cuddled and doted on by her humans.

cuddly kittenShe adores the resident cats and is always near her foster momBaby Kitten Rescue

Rosie has a wonderful home lined up for her this holiday season. She will be joining them next week to start a new adventure with her forever family.

Her siblings, Basil and Lavender, have become a bonded pair and are looking for their happily-ever-after together.

rosie the tripod kittenRosie the little princessBaby Kitten Rescue

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