Cat Walks into Water to Cool Down and is So Relieved When Kind People Come to Help Her

Cat Walks into Water to Cool Down and is So Relieved When Kind People Come to Help Her


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A cat walked into a water bowl to cool down, and was so relieved when kind people came to help her.

sleeping cat shorthairBubble the catKuwait Animal Aid

About two months ago, on a scorching hot day, a caretaker of a cat colony noticed a new face who had been abandoned at the feeding location. She walked straight into a bowl filled with water, desperately trying to cool down.

The cat was breathing and panting heavily while having all four of her paws immersed in the water. The temperatures were unbearably high that day, and the cat was experiencing heatstroke.

When the caretaker attempted to scoop her out to get her help, she tried to fight her way back into the water.

stray cat water bowl, bubble the catShe walked into a water bowl, trying to cool downKuwait Animal Aid

Alina Lazaryeva, who runs Kuwait Animal Aid, immediately arranged for transport and a foster home, in hopes of getting the cat into a safe place, away from the unrelenting heat and rough stray life.

"We found a volunteer to drop Bubble (the cat) off to a foster home. She was very friendly from day one," Alina shared with Love Meow.

cat in water bowlKuwait Animal Aid

Despite being lethargic and battling a few health issues, Bubble continued to be as sweet as could be, to everyone she came across.

She seemed so relieved knowing that she had a roof over her head and a doting foster mom to cater to her needs.

sweet cat bubbleShe is so happy to be safe with her foster momKuwait Animal Aid

After getting hydrated and some food in her belly, Bubble plopped down on her new bed for a much-needed long nap to recuperate.

While Bubble was treated for an upper respiratory infection and stomach issues, she kept up her good spirits and was always receptive to help.

sweet cat bubbleShe is very friendly and just wants to be lovedKuwait Animal Aid

"All this time she was syringe-fed, given fluids and meds. The hard work of her foster mom finally paid off, and she started eating on her own."

As Bubble regained her health and strength, her desire for attention and pets multiplied. She would greet her foster mom with the sweetest head snuggles whenever she came in to tend to her.

cat snugglesKuwait Animal Aid

Bubble began to show interest in exploring the house and following her human around. She grew to enjoy the company of her people as it made her feel safe and content.

Throughout her road to recovery, Bubble has always displayed the sweetest temperament and constant gratitude in purrs and head-bumps.

happy snuggly catKuwait Animal Aid

Bubble is not alone when it comes to being abandoned on the streets of Kuwait. "Unfortunately, the situation is very bad, and dumping occurs daily. No breed is safe," Alina shared.

Alina and her team of many volunteers are working tirelessly on the ground, rescuing street animals and getting them into foster care and a chance to live a full life.

couch cat bubbleShe is back to being a happy, inquisitive house catKuwait Animal Aid

Bubble along with many others will be transported to their partner rescue organizations in the United States this October to look for their forever homes.

She will be joining the adoption program at Friends for Life Rescue Network (in Oregon), where she will find a loving family to cherish her for life.

hide and seek cat bubbleKuwait Animal Aid

As for now, Bubble is busy reveling in all the love and pampering from her foster family, and being a playful, inquisitive house cat that she ought to be.

belly rubs catHappy and lovedKuwait Animal Aid

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