Kitten Hides in a Hole in the Wall Until Kind Person Comes to Her Help, She Just Wants to Be Held

Kitten Hides in a Hole in the Wall Until Kind Person Comes to Her Help, She Just Wants to Be Held


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A stray kitten hid in a hole in the wall until a kind person came to her help. She just wanted to be held.

kitten cuddling armsBelkie the kittenFoster Purrs

A good Samaritan spotted a tabby kitten outside a mall in Huntsville, Alabama. She was all alone and meowing incessantly.

When the finder approached the kitten, she immediately ran into a tiny hole in the wall and refused to come out. The caring member of the community reached out to Mary Chromek, an animal rescuer, for assistance.

"There was about to be a really bad storm in a few hours, so I rushed up there to secure the kitten. I got there and saw the kitten right away," Mary shared with Love Meow.

stray kitten hidingShe was found outside at a mallFoster Purrs

The young tabby tucked herself in the hole with her head facing out. She was very shy but curious about what was going on, while Mary was setting up a humane trap with smelly, fishy cat food.

Mary looked at her inquisitive little face and started talking to her, in hopes of gaining her trust. Each time she meowed at the kitten, the little one seemed to be more relaxed, and even started slow-blinking back at her.

kitten hole in the wallShe ran into a hole in the wall to hideFoster Purrs

"I decided to see if I could just grab her. I put my hand in the hole and there was no hissing, no resistance, nothing," Mary told Love Meow.

The kitten stayed put and just let her newly acquainted human scoop her up and out of the hideout. "I got her out easily and while she was still scruffed, she started making biscuits in the air. She knew she was safe now."

tabby kitten rescueShe started kneading in the air as if she knew she was safeFoster Purrs

The kitten was named Belkie after the department store she was found next to. Despite being just skin and bones, she was eager for attention and so content to be held. "She was overflowing with love and gratitude."

Mary took Belkie into her care so she could get some food and water into that tiny body. The kitten didn't eat very much at first but was as happy as could be when she was lying on her rescuer's lap.

happy lap kittenFoster Purrs

Mary tried different types of food to get the kitten to eat more. She started Belkie on medication and provided supportive care until she could get her into the vet the next day.

Watch Belkie the kitten and her rescue journey in this video:

Belkie the

Belkie quickly adjusted to indoor life. She would roll around on the floor for belly rubs and hop onto Mary's lap for intense petting. She liked to stretch her happy paws in the air while snuggling away in her rescuer's arms.

"She is the sweetest, most needy and precious little girl. She always wanted to be on me, but she loves other kitties and also loves to explore."

cuddly kitten tabbyBelkie craves attention and pets constantlyFoster Purrs

After a couple of weeks of good food and wonderful care, Belkie recovered fully from gut issues. She put on some much-needed weight, and her energy soared.

It took the tabby girl a while to regain her appetite, but she never stopped asking for attention and just wanted to be doted on.

happy sleeping kittenFoster Purrs

Feline Fanciers Cat Rescue, a partner rescue group, was able to take her in to one of their foster homes. She will get to socialize with other kitties, and continue to grow and thrive until she finds her happily-ever-after.

Every volunteer that she comes across, swoons at her insatiable need for affection. "This girl is super special and makes everyone quickly fall in love with her."

cuddly tabby kittenFoster Purrs

Belkie came out of the hiding spot on that fateful day and decided to love. She has been giving hugs and kisses ever since.

cuddly tabby kittenFoster Purrs

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