Stray Kitten Who Made It Through Hurricane Ian, Becomes Little Protector to Another Kitten in Need

Stray Kitten Who Made It Through Hurricane Ian, Becomes Little Protector to Another Kitten in Need


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A stray kitten who made it through Hurricane Ian, became a little protector to another kitten in need.

stray kitten hurricaneRumi the kitten@tiny.paws.fosters

Rumi the kitten was found outside as a stray during Hurricane Ian, and brought in to a local veterinary clinic for help. A veterinarian stepped up to take her in and nursed her back to health with frequent feedings and care.

Due to her demanding work schedule, she reached out to the rescue community for assistance. She hoped to get the kitten into a foster home, where the kitten could get all the attention she needed to thrive.

Nadija, a foster carer based in Tampa, FL, couldn't resist the little face when she came across the plea, and immediately offered to help. "She was in good condition, just a little underweight which we quickly fixed," Nadija told Love Meow.

stray kitten tinyRumi was found outside during Hurricane Ian@tiny.paws.fosters

"She was such a quiet and sweet bottle baby who would eat, potty and go right back into her covered bed with a (heartbeat) stuffy, and fall back asleep."

For weighing just 12 ounces, Rumi had a big personality. She insisted on having her bottle on time every time, and her internal clock was never wrong.

kitten apple sizeShe was just the size of a small apple@tiny.paws.fosters

She would stare at her foster mom for attention, recognize and respond to her voice, play with toys, and try to find her feet.

Once Rumi reached three weeks old, she was strong enough to start mini excursions within the nursery. As she became more active and curious about her surroundings, she began to be on the lookout for a constant companion.

tiny but mighty kittenShe was tiny but had a mighty personality@tiny.paws.fosters

"I actively started to look for a friend for her. Our county shelter received an orphaned kitten that was healthy and friendly, and needed a rescue," Nadija shared.

"She was the exact same age and weight as Rumi, so I was super excited to take her in." A meet-and-greet was soon underway.

cute kitten bellyMia the tortie@tiny.paws.fosters

The tortie named Mia was a bit nervous at first, but warmed up to her new environment when she was introduced to her roommate, Rumi. "Neither of them hissed. They walked around their area sniffing each other."

Mia who was a little shy around people, would tag along with Rumi and stay behind her for support.

kittens best friendsRumi immediately took to Mia and became her little protector@tiny.paws.fosters

Rumi, the brave and sassy one, immediately assumed the role of big sister and took Mia under her wing.

After filling their bellies to the brim, the two buddies snuggled up in their bed together for a nap. They have been inseparable friends since.

kitten best friendsRumi and Mia best of friends@tiny.paws.fosters

"Now, weeks later, wherever Rumi is, that's where you will find Mia. They are always playing together, snuggling together for nap time, and are just the sweetest kittens," Nadija told Love Meow.

"The second you start talking to them, they both purr and come right up to you for pets and snuggles."

cute kitten rumi@tiny.paws.fosters

"Rumi loves to carry toys around the house in her mouth, which is too cute and hilarious, given some of the toys are bigger than her mouth. Mia gets the zoomies often and runs through the house at full speed, sometimes for no reason at all."

kittens best friends snuggling@tiny.paws.fosters

"Snack time is their favorite, and they can often talk me into wet food several times a day by meowing, especially Mia who can get pretty loud if she wants something."

mia rumi kittens@tiny.paws.fosters

The two sisters from different misters are thriving in foster care. Both of them arrived as orphans, and now they have each other and couldn't be happier.

snuggling kittens rumi mia@tiny.paws.fosters

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