Kitten Runs Up to Man and Jumps in His Arms When He Finds Her Under a Car, and Decides to Follow Him Around

Kitten Runs Up to Man and Jumps in His Arms When He Finds Her Under a Car, and Decides to Follow Him Around


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A kitten ran up to a man and jumped in his arms when he found her under a car, and decided to follow him around.

stray kittenLily the kittenDan

About a month ago, Dan of Aspen Hill Exxon (in Maryland) was on his way to the bank (in the Layhill Shopping Center) when he was stopped by an unexpected encounter. "I was walking past a bush and heard a little 'mew'. I looked under this Acura and saw a kitten," Dan told Love Meow.

Dan who is an animal lover and a proud human of two cats, couldn't leave without checking on the little feline. The kitten, a grey tabby, was hunkering down under the vehicle until she heard Dan's voice.

"What surprised me the most is when I called to her she ran up and jumped in my arms."

stray kitten and manThe kitten ran up to Dan and jumped in his armsDan

Dan was delighted for the warm embrace from his newly acquainted feline friend. He looked around the area to see if there were other cats or if someone was missing a pet, but couldn't find anyone.

There is an animal hospital nearby, so Dan decided to go there with the kitten to scan for a microchip. "Nobody there knew anything (as the cat didn't have a chip), but they gave me a cup of food to help out," Dan shared with Love Meow.

office catShe became a little office kitty that day Dan

Dan returned to his automotive repair shop that day with a cat in his arms. She immediately lit up the room for the employees there.

"We set up a little nest and some food and water and used some oil dry absorbent as a litter box. She did great," Dan told Love Meow. "Everybody who came to the shop that day was in love, especially my staff."

man rescues stray kittenDan took her home after work so she could have a comfortable place to nestle inDan

The kitten followed Dan around his office like a little supervisor, offering "help" here and there by rubbing up against him. Meanwhile, they reached out to social media trying to find her owner.

"Some days at work are better than others because this beautiful little girl came in with me today. She found me at the bank."

Watch Dan and the kitten in this video:

Stray kitten jumps in man's

Dan took the kitten home after work so she could have a comfortable place to nestle in and plenty of food to feast on. The kitten sat on his arm the entire trip home and was so pleased to never have to wander the streets again.

cat car rideDan

After days of waiting, no one came to claim the kitten. Dan wanted to find her the best home where she would be the center of attention and loved and spoiled.

"I already have two cats and one is older and kind of grumpy, so we decided it's best to find her a forever home with my daughter's best friend," Dan told Love Meow.

kitten adoptedLily found her forever home with a wonderful family, close friends of DanDan

"Lily (named after Layhill because she was found in that shopping center) is doing great, and absolutely loving life. We know that she's going to get nothing but love for the rest of her days."

grey catShe is living the best life at her new homeDan

Dan and his staff receive regular updates on Lily which always put a smile on their faces.

It makes everything so worthwhile knowing that one act of kindness has changed the life of a little creature forever.

cat pillowsLily loves her pillow fortDan

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