Stray Cat Found a Safe Place and Had Kittens the Next Day, She Went on to Accept Others Who Needed a Mother

Stray Cat Found a Safe Place and Had Kittens the Next Day, She Went on to Accept Others Who Needed a Mother


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A stray cat found a safe place and immediately had kittens the next day. She went on to accept others who needed a mother.

cat mother snuggling kittensCheesecake and her kittensThe Stray Cat Club

About a month ago, The Stray Cat Club, a small rescue group, welcomed a heavily pregnant stray who desperately needed safe shelter.

A Good Samaritan stumbled upon the cat one day and started feeding and caring for her to the best of their abilities. They were able to earn her trust, and a while later, they discovered she was pregnant.

They took the cat to the vet, hoping to find help for the mother-to-be, but it was to no avail. After contacting The Stray Cat Club, volunteers rallied their efforts to bring the cat indoors.

stray cat pregnantCheesecake was found outside as a strayThe Stray Cat Club

They arranged for a foster home, providing the cat with a comfortable space to raise her young and plenty of food and love to go around.

"She is safe with us as we prepare to support and welcome her babies into the world," the rescue shared.

pregnant cat indoorsShe was heavily pregnant when she was rescuedThe Stray Cat Club

Shortly after arriving, the cat named Cheesecake made herself at home. She explored around her new room and approved all the amenities, feeling content and secure.

As if she knew she was in good hands, the very next day, her foster family walked into the room to quite the surprise.

cat indoors pregnantShe quickly settled into her foster homeThe Stray Cat Club

"It's clear that timing was everything. She is in active labor, and her experienced fosterer is monitoring from a distance to ensure she receives the care and support she needs."

Cheesecake gave birth to a litter of healthy kittens in her comfy nest, away from the harsh realities of the outside world.

cat nursing kittensThe very next day, she gave birth to a litter of healthy kittensThe Stray Cat Club

She lovingly tended to her newborns and filled the room with soothing purrs while the kittens eagerly sought her milk and warmth. "As a first-time mother who won't be having any more litters, she did great."

Two weeks passed, and the rescue received a call from Foal Farm Animal Rescue Centre to assist with three newborn kittens.

orphan kitten newbornTwo weeks later, the rescue received a call about three newborn kittens who needed a momThe Stray Cat Club

Two of them were born via a C-section. Sadly, the kittens were rejected by their mom and urgently needed love and care.

The rescue immediately thought of Cheesecake, a nurturing mother of her own kittens. They decided to place the new babies with her to see if she would accept them. "We acted quickly, and after bringing them in, we successfully integrated them with Cheesecake."

cat nursing kittensCheesecake immediately accepted them as her ownThe Stray Cat Club

Cheesecake took the trio into her arms and cleaned and fed them alongside her own. The young kittens wiggled into the crook of her neck for extra comfort.

They had stopped wailing as they snuggled comfortably with their new mom and new older siblings. "It's heartwarming to see them find comfort and care in their new home. Here's to brighter days ahead for these precious little ones."

kittens snuggling catThe Stray Cat Club

The three baby kittens are thriving with a mother catering to their every whim. The older kittens have taken them under their wing and cozy up with them in a cuddle pile when they nap.

Cheesecake is brimming with joy, caring for her kittens and the adopted babies. She watches them grow more active and curious each day and showers them with unconditional love.

kittens snuggle timeThe older kittens and the new babiesThe Stray Cat Club

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