Street Cat Approaches Neighbor Who Offers Him Food, He Decides He's Ready to Be a Pampered House Cat

Street Cat Approaches Neighbor Who Offers Him Food, He Decides He's Ready to Be a Pampered House Cat


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A street cat approached a neighbor who offered him food. He decided that he was ready to be a pampered house cat.

tabby cat happy homeMatoo the catChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

A tabby cat wandered into a neighborhood in Montreal, scrounging around for food and shelter.

A kind-hearted neighbor, Yvon, came across the newcomer and later found out that the cat didn't have a home. When he noticed that the tabby started losing weight, he wanted to help him.

He brought a bowl of food and offered it to the stray and hoped that he would accept the gesture.

stray cat wanderingHe was found wandering around a neighborhoodChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

The tabby approached him cautiously at first, but as soon as he smelled the food, he voraciously scarfed it down.

He warmed up to his human friend and became comfortable around him. Soon, he would wait for Yvon every day to show up with his favorite pate.

stray cat finds foodHe accepted food from his rescuerChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

After getting his tummy filled to the brim, the cat would roll around on the ground, showing off his full belly. He began to allow Yvon to pet him, as if he was ready to be a pampered indoor cat.

Yvon scooped him up and took him inside. He helped to get the cat checked out by a vet and neutered.

stray cat pettedChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

"The cat was so sweet that he went along with everything. He needed a lot of dental work and a forever home, so we were contacted for help," Celine Crom of Chatons Orphelins Montreal shared.

"We took the cat into our care and named him Matoo. His teeth and gums were in such terrible shape that all of his teeth had to be removed."

tabby cat sweetMatoo was off the streetChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

"He has no more teeth (after dental surgery), and sometimes his little tongue sticks out. He's no longer in pain and is eating like a champ."

Matoo arrived at his foster home and quickly settled in, as if he had always lived there.

sweet cat tongueMatoo has no teeth left after the dental, but he's no longer in painChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

He joined his foster mom, Jess, on her couch and her bed, so he could be near her. A few head scritches sent him over the moon, and he rolled around on his back, asking for belly rubs.

"He relishes his new life and loves being the only cat prince in the house."

sleeping happy tabby catChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Matoo quickly bonded with his foster mom. He would follow her everywhere around the house, so he could snuggle on demand.

"He will stand up to receive hugs and kisses from his humans. He is a purr machine and a big teddy bear. He likes to sleep at the foot of the bed like a guard for his people."

tabby cat matooChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

Matoo enjoys watching neighbors and squirrels through the window. He's fascinated by all the scents wafting in through the screen, and he wiggles his nose adorably to inspect them all.

Every morning, he will wake up his people by placing his paw on their cheeks. If he wants something, he isn't shy of getting his voice heard.

cat yawn no teethChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

When he hears the jingle of his favorite bell toy, he goes bonkers. "He also makes a good goalkeeper. If we roll a ball to him, he will block it and hit it back to us."

Before the foster family knew it, Matoo had wriggled his way into their hearts.

cute tabby cat tongueHe was adopted by his foster familyChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

"His foster family couldn't let him go and decided to make him a part of their family," Celine shared.

"After wandering the streets for a long time, he now has a safe and comfortable home and loving people all to himself."

sleeping cat happyHappy and lovedChatonsOrphelinsMontreal

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